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Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Would you remove their tree and DNA data?
« on: Monday 29 November 21 12:17 GMT (UK)  »
I think it is quite common to find DNA of people who have passed away, usually managed by their children.

Last day of sale, Ancestry kit now sold out on Amazon :o.

On offer again, including the Christmas box, until 29th November, £49 + postage - if you didn't want the Christmas box Amazon will be cheaper for the next couple of days.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: DNA tests-is anyone else fed up?
« on: Wednesday 24 November 21 14:43 GMT (UK)  »
What makes me fed up is that so many people do DNA tests and make no attempt to construct any sort of family tree.
I have a number of reasonably large matches (2nd or 3rd cousin sort of range) who I don't recognise at all. They have no trees and don't respond to any messages. I wonder why they bothered to test. Surely they can't all be doing it because they want to find out their ethnicity.
The other type that makes me fed up are those that clearly have an incorrect tree but continue to keep it on Ancestry to mislead others. I have an 80 cM across 6 segments match to a person who states his maternal grandfather was the man married to his maternal grandmother, but who died in 1917, 3 years before his mother was born. He knows that his grandfather was KIA in WW1, but will not change his tree. I have shared matches with him and numerous identified cousins from one branch of my tree and it is almost certain that his biological grandfather was related to this branch. But he doesn't seem interested in pursuing it further.

I have just seen that this is quite an old thread, maybe OP and the early posters have different opinions now.
I think this is arguably true for most people on Ancestry these days. If I scroll through my DNA matches from date new to old, the vast majority have little/no tree at all and probably tested just to get the ethnicity estimate.

I also think it's often the case that people have little interest in actually researching - if they're already just on the site to get their ethnicity calculation then they probably won't respond to a mystery 3rd cousin who's talking about ancestors born perhaps 150 years ago.
I think I did a rough calculation a while ago, looking at several kits, and I think I worked out that on average on Ancestry, only 1/3 of matches have a tree, and those which do, often only go back maybe three generations, or only follow one line if further. The amount with full trees is much smaller.

Amazon says the Ancestry deal will last for the next 7 days, which may also be true for the 23andme vouchers.

Not sure how long these will last so buy today if in doubt!

Ancestry DNA £49 free postage

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Sorry forgot to say it was on sale again, sale ends on 21st November 11:59PM, it probably won't be back on sale until just before Christmas so probably a good idea to order now if you want to be sure to be able to give as an Xmas pressie :).

Oh, they are now also offering an Ancestry + Traits kit for an introductory offer of £69, to rise to £94 on 27th December.

The Common Room / Re: BNA PDF image quality?
« on: Sunday 07 November 21 11:04 GMT (UK)  »
I also have a problem with reading the text of newspapers that I have tried to save, perhaps by taking a screenshot. It seems that the only foolproof way around it, without rejoining the site where the paper was discovered, is to copy the information that is of interest by recording it through the key board or on to paper.
In my experience, the actual live viewable image is fairly good, probably because it has to be a high resolution file to start off with, as you need to be able to zoom in and out. But the pdfs seem a little bit of an afterthought, and no one seems to have checked whether the compression settings and resolution they have been selecting for the pdfs actually make most articles readable.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: MyHeritage and the Scandinavian connection
« on: Friday 05 November 21 21:51 GMT (UK)  »
It seems simple to me - if the descendants of the Danes and Jutes made up, letís say, 20% of the British population a thousand years ago, why would that DNA not still be there now? Perhaps slightly less, but still a substantial amount.  Those of us with a higher than logical Scottish component may actually masking Scandinavian DNA.  I am 16% Scottish according to ANC but that is highly unlikely, my guess is my Scandinavian, i.e. Viking, ancestors who settled in Yorkshire and Lancashire have a lot of common DNA with Vikings who settled in Scotland.
My OH who actually is half-Scandinavian, is 39% S.  his motherís lines are probably part Northern Europe too, likely from Germany.  He is a mix of English/Scottish/Irish on his fatherís side, with a smidgen of Belgian and German from the early American colonial days.
Oh the DNA is there, but what happens is, over 1000+ years, it is broken up into smaller centimorgan sized segments. I think this is how British people get certain levels or Norway or Sweden & Denmark (increasing to higher levels in certain areas of the former Danelaw or the Orkneys/Shetland), because Ancestry in particular massage their normal rules in order to hype the Viking ancestry idea by allowing smaller segments to 'count' in the ethnicity breakdowns. So a person from Orkney probably does have a high percentage of DNA in common with a Norwegian, if you go down to the 3 or 4cM segment size. A southern Englander would probably have a lot less, even at that small segment size. I don't think this is the reason for the MyHeritage matches, it is either false imputation, matching people who have tested with different companies which test on slightly different parts of the DNA, and it is wrongly guessing the missing bits, or it is Identical by State

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