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Lanarkshire / Re: Shawmuir and Bankhead Cottages, Pollok Estate
« on: Wednesday 13 March 19 22:58 GMT (UK)  »
My gg-grandfather James McFadyen (not John as I just read in my original post) was a United Presbyterian minister in Patna. I am not sure why he would end up on the Pollok Estate when he was in his final years.

Lanarkshire / Re: Marriage of John McFadyen and Jean Renfrew
« on: Wednesday 13 March 19 01:41 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you all for your take on this; it prompted me to take a closer look at the documents. The first one, dated 6 September 1806, is entitled PROCLAMATIONS. and the second one, dated 26 September 1806, is entitled PROCLAIMED and MARRIED. It mentions that Jean is from the Parish of Paisley. Although we see the names Jean and Janet being used, I am confident that this is the same couple. Unfortunately, I have been unable to go further back with John. I think he had a brother named Joseph who was a witness at the birth of James, my gg-grandfather. Is it possible that John's father would have been named James also? I could look for a James McFadyen or Seumas MacPhàidein.

Lanarkshire / Marriage of John McFadyen and Jean Renfrew
« on: Tuesday 12 March 19 22:53 GMT (UK)  »
I've found two marriage records, both in September 1806, and I need advice on how to pick the most probable one for my ggg-grandparents. 1. 6 Sep 1806, High Church, Paisley between John McFadyen and Jean Renfrew. 2. 26 Sep 1806, Barony between John McFadyen and Janet Renfrew. I don't think a pair of handloom weavers would have two ceremonies. I always heard that my ggg-grandmother was a Jean. I think that the first record is the one to go with as Jean was from Paisley, although the couple lived in Calton. I have neither a date of birth or death for John. I do know he was listed as deceased on Jean's death certificate. I welcome any comments or advice on this matter.

Gaelic Language / Re: Tha mise an seo cuideachd!!
« on: Tuesday 12 March 19 22:39 GMT (UK)  »
'S mise Hilary NicPhàidein. Bidh mi a' sireadh Iain MacPhàidein, mo shinnsear. Pḥs e Śne Renfrew ann an 1806. An urrainn dhuibh mo chuideachadh?

Ayrshire / Re: Rev James McFadyen, United Presbyterian Minister Patna/Straiton
« on: Saturday 30 June 18 18:04 BST (UK)  »
I've not seen his death certificate, but I know from various other sources that his parents were John McFadyen and Jean Renfrew.

Ayrshire / Re: Rev James McFadyen, United Presbyterian Minister Patna/Straiton
« on: Saturday 30 June 18 17:46 BST (UK)  »
i have read that article, but many thanks for posting it. I always wonder how James got into the ministry. Both parents were handloom weavers and his sister, Margaret, was a bobbin winder as a young girl. I'm still trying to find out more about his other sister Jane R. M. McFadyen. She was a teacher at a parochial school in Stenton near Haddington.

Lanarkshire / Re: Joseph McFadyen
« on: Sunday 21 January 18 17:55 GMT (UK)  »
Phil, sorry for delay in replying. Here's what I have from OPR Marriages Paisley High Church: John McFadyen in Barony Parish of Glasgow and Jean Renfrew in this Parish (06/09/1806).

Then for 28/05/1782, OPR Kilninver and Kilmelfort, baptisms: Donald MacFadyen Dyer at (I cannot make out the name, starts with a C and ends with aoil) and Janet McLachlan his spouse, their twins was called - his son John, his daughter Elizabeth.

This is the only John McFadyen I could find in a search from 1770-1785.

Lanarkshire / Joseph McFadyen
« on: Sunday 05 November 17 19:40 GMT (UK)  »
Joseph McFadyen was listed as witness in the Glasgow Barony register for the birth of his nephew James on 1 July 1807. Joseph could be the brother (or father?) of my great great Greatgrandfather John McFadyen, a weaver in Calton, who is still proving elusive as I cannot find anything about him in the records apart from his marriage to Jean Renfrew in September 1806 in Paisley High Church. Is anyone looking for Joseph McFadyen?

Lanarkshire / Still searching for John McFadyen, handloom weaver, Calton circa 1810
« on: Sunday 16 October 16 16:07 BST (UK)  »
John McFadyen, my three times Greatgrandfather, was a handloom weaver in Calton. That's about all I know except that 1. He married Jean Renfrew of Paisley in September 1806. 2. She was born in Paisley in 1783 and died in Calton in January 1855. 3. John had a brother, Joseph, who was present at the birth of two of John's children. Since I can't find any Scottish birth records for these gentlemen, could they have been born in Ireland? I know a lot of Irish weavers came to Scotland. Where should I look?

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