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Staffordshire / Re: Eliza Leeson Mow Cop 1911
« on: Friday 03 April 20 20:40 BST (UK)  »
There's an unexplained family mystery as to why Eliza Ellen was registered as Florence in 1897.

All that you've unearthed is spot on - I'm just hung up about this belief that at some point in these last few years I've stumbled upon the Mow Cop entry.  Sensibly I need to do a street by street check of the village to explore this.


Staffordshire / Re: Eliza Leeson Mow Cop 1911
« on: Friday 03 April 20 17:51 BST (UK)  »
Stan, thanks for this clear and most useful explanation as to why Joel has ended up seemingly double-entered.  He entered neither himself nor son William as being at home, knowing they would be on the narrow boat Loudan. 

Eliza Ellen remains a mystery.  She was added as an afterthought in that she's out of sequence and is missing her place of birth.  I remain convinced that I have seen Eliza listed in Mow Cop.  It's a shame a) I did not keep a better record at the time and b) our local library is closed; that's what's preventing me from trying to explore it further myself.



Staffordshire / Re: Eliza Leeson Mow Cop 1911
« on: Friday 03 April 20 12:10 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks for this.  I did not know about a second page listing Joel being a part of the main family listing.  I am aware of the canal boat entry for Joel and William; Joel was a boatman, and because of this I just accepted that the Rode Heath entry (excluding him) was complete.

So I do have these entries, and know of probable 'mistakes' (not least that Eliza Ellen was born in Scholar Green - I have the birth certificate).  Rode Heath and Odd Rode are misleading if located in Stoke-on-Trent.  It sounds like a modern postcode allocation.  More accurately one would link them to Sandbach or Crewe, both in Cheshire.

Thanks again, all help appreciated - but the search goes on.


Staffordshire / Eliza Leeson Mow Cop 1911
« on: Friday 03 April 20 10:57 BST (UK)  »
Eliza Leeson, born Scholar Green in 1897, is listed as being with her mother and her siblings at Odd Rode, Cheshire in the 1911 Census.  However, her name was added as an afterthought at the end of the list.

I am convinced that sometime in this last 7 or 8 years I have found a separate entry for her, listing her as a Domestic Servant in a Mow Cop household.  I can't find the reference in my notes, nor can I find the entry on line when looking this week.  However, I remain convinced that I'm not making this up.

Mow Cop sits on the Staffordshire - Cheshire boundary, but most properties lie in Staffordshire.

Any help in re-locating this entry, and its basic details, would be much appreciated.


Staffordshire / Re: Jones-Farrall Marriage 1858 Wolstanton
« on: Monday 17 June 19 20:08 BST (UK)  »
Thanks everyone for these superfast responses.  William died, in 1844 I think (easy for me to verify) and Jemima did remarry (James Cope).  1851 has a mixed family of Copes and Farrells at Buglawton across the Cheshire boundary.

This information is appreciated as has helped confirm the Jones ancestry (not the easiest of surnames to work with).


Staffordshire / Jones-Farrall Marriage 1858 Wolstanton
« on: Monday 17 June 19 19:42 BST (UK)  »
John Jones married Hannah Farrall (aka Farrell) at St Margaret's Wolstanton in 1858.  I'm curious to know about the names of the two fathers and their occupations.  Hannah's father was William Farrall, I believe (1841 Census).

It might be that I'll have to wait for a GRO certificate, but it could be that someone on Rootschat has access to the parish register.  I couldn't find the register on



Shropshire / Re: Tamar Hough / Tamar Haigh (died 1879)
« on: Wednesday 12 June 19 10:19 BST (UK)  »
Yes - shown in a subsequent census as born in Hanmer, Flintshire.


Shropshire / Re: Tamar Hough / Tamar Haigh (died 1879)
« on: Wednesday 12 June 19 09:17 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for all this detail Millmoor.  What a (typical?) family.

Sarah Jane 1888 looks to be a Whitchurch registration, but the censuses keep showing Bradeley Green, which must be on the Cheshire/Shropshire border; taking her back home for the baptism is not surprising, but nice to know.  I'm still looking for a Joseph marriage to an Emma, if it actually took place.

I'd got the 1869 Edward Griffiths/Elizabeth marriage and have found seven children, from William to Florence Elizabeth, but hadn't got to the 1871 Census record and so hadn't spotted Joseph; he's not with his aunt in 1881 in Prees.

Elizabeth, Jane and Tamar were sisters, among the children of John and Eliza Saywell.

Everything does just about make sense.  From a research standpoint the variations on the Saywell surname here make for an object lesson in lateral thinking:  Saywell, Seywell, Sewell, Taywell, Leywell and so on.

Regarding the issue of the two Janes, I conclude that Jane, sister of Tamar and daughter of John & Eliza, married Joseph Bayley (sister Ann as a witness helps clinch it).  The other Jane married John Hough, widower of Tamar, daughter of Thomas & Emma; it looks to me as if her only sister Emma died late 1865 with the burial on 02/01/1866 at Wem, aged 22.  I've not found Thomas and the re-married Emma (Hough) Parry after the 1851 Census entry at Coton.

I'm not sure if there are any more twists in this story, but my sincere thanks to all contributors thus far.  It's so helpful to bounce ideas off like-minded people.

Shropshire / Re: Tamar Hough / Tamar Haigh (died 1879)
« on: Tuesday 11 June 19 20:53 BST (UK)  »
I think I've cracked it.  There were two Jane's, one born 1845 and the other 1846.

Thomas Saywell m Emma Done  Wem 1840
Children  Emma Sewell 1843 (Coton)  Jane  1845 (Edstaston)
Thomas died aged 24 in 1846 Wem.
Emma Seawell m Thomas Parry  (Edstaston)  1850
Parrys + the 2 Sewell girls are in 1851 Census.

Now I just have to make sure I match the right Jane with the right groom.  'Mine' is the daughter of John Saywell and Eliza Parsons.


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