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Thank you very much bearkat. It did feel good to get closure at last. :)

Good to see you back BumbleB.  I'm glad things seem to be going okay. :) 

There is going to be a free talk event 'Daughters of Cullercoats' at North Shields library on Wednesday 29 May 2024 at 2 pm.
See poster for full details.  Booking is required if you wish to attend.

Congratulations, on the marriage of your son and new DiL Jeff.  I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and I am glad you can associate this with happy memories of your late and dear wife Jane.

I am glad to hear you have had second op BumbleB.  I hope all goes smoothly for you through recovery.

My little bit of news is about the unfathomable game.  I am pleased to report victory with this matter.  Yesterday, I was finally able to go back to the shop and claim my full refund. :)  Was served by same person who refused on my first attempt; - she was all sweetness and light on this occasion.  ;)

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary summary week ending 14th April 2024
« on: Monday 08 April 24 16:37 BST (UK)  »
Actually, on second thoughts, I think it will probably not be a good idea to copy them in to the complaint to Trading Standards.  Better not to forewarn them.  8) If so, they might arrange intense game training for everyone in their shops with the goal of being able to convince Trading Standards that my family and I come from the clan of McThickie!  I wouldn't put it past them.  :(

Added:  Your post crossed with mine Roobarb.  I agree with you that it is not fit for purpose.
I can't tell you how entertaining it was this morning to stand there like Ms McThickie, appealing for them to show me how to do it.  I almost cracked up when they conceded defeat. ;D ;D ;D  I do respect them though that they demonstrated integrity by completely siding with me after this.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary summary week ending 14th April 2024
« on: Monday 08 April 24 15:29 BST (UK)  »
I won't be able to get to your area Mowsehowse; but if you could do the talk in my area I would love to come along.  That talk sounds right up my street.  :)  Obviously, I can't speak for them but I think that is the type of event my local libraries might consider hosting.

I have messaged Son with an update.  Apparently, he wants me to go over all the details with him when I next see him.  He says he wants to fight this for me.  He says we will win.  I hope so.  I have told him I am happy to fight for myself though.  But if he insists I will hand it over to him, I daresay.

LM, my late Father always used to say if you know yourself to be in the right you can stand there and fight all day! ;)
I have no idea where that Head Office got their training from.  I think it is pretty lame of them to try to dismiss my complaint though, with the claim that they have had no complaints before.  I feel they are not taking this seriously and trying to fob me off.  The two assistants this morning struck me as intelligent people and neither of them could start the game.   ::) 
Of course, if I do get the money back I will give it all to my Grandson to buy another game or toy of his choice.  He certainly deserves it!  He has certainly amazed me with his on-going resilience since last year.  I am so proud of him!

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary summary week ending 14th April 2024
« on: Monday 08 April 24 13:26 BST (UK)  »
Hi Mowsehowse,
Lovely to see you back! :D Your post crossed with mine in posting.  Oh, I am so envious, I think I would have loved that talk!

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary summary week ending 14th April 2024
« on: Monday 08 April 24 13:24 BST (UK)  »
LM, I hope you enjoy your catch up with your friend.  What a feat for your friend's Sister to have reached 103!

Update re the unfathomable game - it feels hilarious - although I haven't got my money back .. yet.
I went to the shop this morning and recounted the tale.  Different assistants on but they were ready for me.  One said firmly that Head Office have said that there is no way they are going to refund me as they have never had a complaint before by anyone.
I said "Oh! .. okay ..  would you at least show me how to play it then? I have the game here."  The assistant agreed.  She laid the game out and puzzled for a couple of minutes then said "I haven't actually played the game before" then she asked the other assistant if she had played it before and the latter said she had not.  I said "But you'll still be able to show me anyway, won't you?"  Well they both puzzled over it.  A customer came.  I said please serve them first.  I said that I was in no hurry. I said serve anyone who comes along, and that I would be prepared to wait as long as needed.   Well, they tried for a good bit then were forced to admit defeat.  I had to try to keep a straight face. ;D  The assistant said under the circumstances she would get back on the phone.  After the first call she said that the person on the other end had admitted that they had bought the game for Christmas but hadn't been able to understand it either.  I was offered a 25 credit note.  I said that is not acceptable to me, and that I want the money back. They had to make a second call.  After second call I was told that Head Office say that the box has been opened so they can't re-sell it so it is a credit note or nothing.  I said no I will not accept that as I feel this is totally unfair. I re-iterated that you obviously have to open the box to try to  play the game.  I said I am now going to contact Trading Standards.  Fair play to both assistants, they were both totally sympathetic and said that they agreed with me.  I thanked them both for their honesty in not trying to fob me off.  Mind, I think it would have been hard considering they had been unable to work things out either. ;) ;D  One gave me two email addresses for Head Office.  I will copy them in when I lodge my complaint with Trading Standards.
I will be working all day tomorrow and the next so this will be my task for Thursday .. the fight goes on!

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary summary week ending 7th April 2024
« on: Saturday 06 April 24 22:30 BST (UK)  »
Goodnight Viktoria - you have ended the day with a laugh.  ;D I will try to emulate your Mother in law, when I go back next time. ;D ;)

Happy Birthday for your late Mother - I hope it has been a day for fond memories.
My Grandmothers were born 1892 and 1895 but the eldest one was two years younger when she died.  A Great Grandmother was also a year younger at death.  Just thought streaming.

Off to bed now.

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