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Sorry, realised may have caused confusion by naming woman possibly as Christina Rennie. She was Christian or Christina Rannie / Rennie until her marriage to William Lyall in 1837, so should be looking for a Christina Lyall at time of this photo?

Lancashire / Re: William Gaskin, Tenant of the Ferry Inn, Windermere 1826-1831
« on: Monday 08 April 19 19:06 BST (UK)  »
Yes, in 1851 there is a William Gaskin in Manchester Chorlton with wife Agnes and daughter Ann age 17 born Salford.
He is Age 49, born 1802 Manchester occupation Carrier.
Cant find in 1861.
In the book "The Ferry Inn on Windermere" it says he was the second son of John Gaskin of Manchester and it also says "John" previously lived at Great Ayton in Yorkshire.
At his marriage he is described as William Gaskin of Great Ayton.
I believe Agnes died on 5 March 1869 at Morecambe aged 69 years (Mrs. Agnes Gaskin of Windermere, formerly of Manchester - Preston Chronicle 13 March 1869).

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Rennie family members Aberdeen
« on: Monday 08 April 19 18:22 BST (UK)  »
My great aunt gave me the attached 2 cdv's but was unable to identify which members of the Rennie family from Aberdeen they were...

1) Stern looking woman dated 1876. Could this be Christina Rennie who died 1881 in Portknockie?

2) Man with what appears to be an anchor on his right sleeve. Could this be John Rennie born 21 October 1793 in Banff? His father Gordon Rennie was Mate on the "Union" of Banff, but would surely be too old as he married 21 January 1793 in Cullen? I believe J. Hardie the photographer was operating from around 1868 to 1881...

Lancashire / William Gaskin, Tenant of the Ferry Inn, Windermere 1826-1831
« on: Monday 08 April 19 16:43 BST (UK)  »
Seeking information on William Gaskin's parents, and his life before and after his tenancy of the Ferry Inn. I know he was the second son of John Gaskin of Manchester and he married Agnes Dixon at Hawkshead on 20 December 1824. Was he born in Manchester in 1802, and did he return there and die there? What was his connection to Great Ayton in Yorkshire? I am a descendant of one of his three daughters...

One of David Low's grandsons James Low died at Craigo on 3rd December 1885 aged 33.
He is buried in Logie Montrose Kirkyard.
His father, also James, was farm grieve at Craigo Home farm Logie Pert.
However, I believe David and Helen Low are buried on the other (north) side of the river.
Their son Alexander wrote in a poem of 1906 that he visited their graves. After seeing the modern cottar's home at Morphie and a little further on a little green, he continued on a rugged path over moor and fen which he had trod in his youth on the way to school and to the church - on a sloping hill where beneath a weeping ash his parents were buried.
Can anyone recognise where this is please?

Thanks again...
So presumably Morphie Church would have a graveyard where I should look first?

Thank you!

Can anyone please help with burial places of the following:
David Low born Garvock 22 May 1803 who was drowned in the Den of Morphie 12 January 1874.
He had been the farm grieve at Kirktonhill.
And his wife Helen Watt born St. Cyrus 28 June 1800 who died 20th August 1884 at Kirktonhill.
I am hoping to visit the graveyard and look at the gravestones (if any...).

Kincardineshire / Re: Births in Laurencekirk
« on: Wednesday 18 January 17 19:26 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Bruce!

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