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We still don't know where the name CLARKE comes from, or who the exact father is for Thomas. He probably never knew much about his parents - hence the confused names on the marriage record.

If the birth date 18 Feb 1891 for Thomas is correct, then he should be on the 1891 census - but I haven't found him yet.
Nor have I found a birth registration for him - I have tried various surname ideas. No doubt some brilliant RootsChatter will find it.

The other question is what happened to Elizabeth LYONS/ CLARKE / BEAUMONT / WELSH, after she married in 1908.
There are a number of prison records for an ELizabeth around the right age, with various alias names including Clarke, in the Manchester and Leeds area. Do you think they relate to "our" Elizabeth? I am not convinced.

Birth rego
GRO Reference: 1869  S Quarter in BERWICK  Volume 10B  Page 343

Elizabeth Lyons baptised 9 Sep 1869 Berwick-upon-Tweed
 Parents Andrew LYONS (Tailor) and Ann

Andrew Hume LYONS bapt 14 Sept 1828 Berwick to parents George ( a weaver) and Agnes
He died Berwick 1885, aged 56.
From newspaper 11 March 1885: “Andrew Lyons, tailor, Walkergate Lane, Berwick has died from the effects of a fall while under the influence of liquor. Deceased was famed as a celebrator of irregular Border marriages at Lamberton Toll.”

Andrew’s first wife was Cresswell RAILTON – she died 1864
Second wife was Ann – who would be the mother to Elizabeth. Ann died in 1878.

(Since Andrew was responsible for irregular marriages, this may explain why there seem to be no records for his own marriages.)

.... while I was out running errands ---- Gibel has posted excellent work. What progress!!
Off to bed now, Gibel, unless the brain is still firing on all cylinders. :D

Yes, "Plasbach" is the name of the place in Llandilo - written on 1904 Children Centre document for Thomas. I could not make out what it said.

There is a burial for a William Beaumont (correct age with census) in Leeds on 8 Jan 1904
Address - General Infirmary; occupation labourer

The Jan 1904 death date would make sense with the children being taken into care in Feb 1904

William Tell BEAUMONT (the husband on 1901 census posted above)
was a milk dealer on the baptism of the daughter Annie in Oct 1899 in Leeds

Date the boys were admitted to the home was 4 Feb 1904
Neither child had a home and both had been taken about the country by the mother on begging expeditions

The mother was sent to Inebriate home for 2 yrs and 3 years.

On the record for Thomas, there is mention of Mr John Jones in Llandilo, South Wales. To me, it is unclear if that is where the mother ended up, or where Thomas was sent.
Probably Thomas.

Well done Gibel - an excellent find

Thomas' brother - William Sterne BEAUMONT alias CLARKE
Born 26 June 1894

In 1911 William is working as a boot repairer, as a servant in the home of Ernest SILVERWOOD in Ryhill,
By 1916 enlisted as Sapper William S Beaumont in Royal Engineers


His brother's military records (as previously posted, at least 2 sets available) would help in understanding Joseph Henry's place of birth.

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