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For the technically challenged (me!) could you give a link to perhaps a webpage that explains how to access this please.


Certainly :)

If you click on Programmes and then online events, there are other events there as well.

These are online (Zoom) seminars on different aspects about Berwick upon Tweed, thought I would share in case anyone was interested  :D

Stay safe!


What document set is it & age period & what language have you volunteered to transcribe?

Looks like old eastern European to me....lots of consonants.

the document is from Holborne and dates between early 1500's-1900's, I don't have a specific daate and the language is english. I believe as another member stated that it is some type of cypher.


 Ciphers during the reign of Elizabeth 1.... might be looks very similar!


I believe you are completely right, how interesting! Thank you so much for this info!

Oh I see, not helpful of Family Search not to say what exactly you are transcribing.  I don't quite know how they expect transcribers to decipher something like that. 

It's quite clearly some kind of either code or shorthand.  I would be contacting Family Search and asking them how they expect you to transcribe something that isn't obviously English, French or whatever.

To me there is nothing recognisable to even make a stab at what is there other than that 1 Kg that I thought might be one kilogram.

I don't envy the transcriber's lot, must be very difficult at times  ::)
Hi Girl Guide,

Yes I've never seen anything like this, very interesting though!

I am helping decipher and transcribe documents for family search so I don't know what date it's from, possibly 15th/16th century I'm assuming.

Is this a form of shorthand?

Hi there,

I would love any help with this baptism record (1642).

Thank you

Occupation Interests / What is a Traveller in a census from the 1820's
« on: Monday 10 August 20 19:45 BST (UK)  »
Is a traveller a salesman or someone from Romany descent? Thanks for your help!

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