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Thanks for those really interesting insights Elwyn. This is my husband's family and we only learned a couple of months ago that they had Irish ancestors - it has been a bit of a revelation for various reasons. Neither of us know enough about Irish history so a discovery like this raises all sorts of questions and it's too easy to focus on answers that are a bit familiar, such as the famine, to quickly satisfy your curiosity!
So unearthing more information about them could help us narrow down the date they came to England, and perhaps offer a better perspective on their lives before they left Kerry and Limerick.
Thanks again.

Thanks both. No appropriate date results for James and nothing for Miss Collins sadly!

I had some excellent help from members Millipede, Dundee and KGarrad back in June and thanks to them I now have the 1861 marriage certificate of the relatives I was searching for. BUT I'm really hoping to find birth details for both of these people from Ireland but not having much luck so far using Free BMD, GRO (doesn't go back far enough for births of these folks - and not sure if it includes Ireland), Find my Past and Ancestry, so, any suggestions for where to look (or how to look better!!!) would be great.

The marriage took place on 15 December 1861, in St Mary's Chapel, Roman Catholic church, City of London and the couple were James Kelly, age 27 (so born about 1836), whose father was Michael Kelly, also a general labourer (don't know if he was actually still alive, or at the wedding). James was a bachelor and general labourer living then at Montagne Court, Bishopsgate, but I know from help on here and census records that he was born in Limerick.

He married widow Hannah Hayes, age 26 (born around 1837), whose maiden name I learned (thanks to member Dundee) was Collins, and her father's name on the marriage certificate confirms this is probably the right track as it's Timothy Collins, General Labourer. She had a son from previous marriage, born around 1858 John Hayes/ Hays. From the 1881 census record, she is shown as being born in Kerry, and in the 1871 census record her name appears as Honora. At that time of their marriage she was living in Smith's Buildings, Bishopsgate and was a milk seller.

It would be really interesting to find out more precisely where they were both born in Ireland and who their mothers were.

An incidental observation/surmise, not really a question; because of the dates of their birth and estimated arrival in England, along with the fact they were from the south of Ireland, I've been wondering if their families were victims of the Irish famine.

Thanks in advance for any offers of routes/roots to explore!

Ah, it's well over a year since I registered and used that site for ordering certificates so didn't know about the search facility, thanks KGarrad.

Hi Millipede and Dundee - my initial delight has turned into confusion! Hope you don't mind me asking some other questions for clarification and guidance?
I know the GRO indexes are where you can order certificates but can you search for things on there too? Is that where you (Dundee) found out about the children and their births in Shoreditch (thought Mary Ann Kelly was born in Finsbury - are they close?) and Hannah/Honor's maiden name? And her marriage in 1861 to John Kelly (presumably her second husband after Hays?)
I've just looked for the Tibbitts / Kelly marriage on Free BMD and found it, but it doesn't show any names except the 2 of them - what am not doing?! Apologies for being slow and/or annoying! Could do with some one-to-one tutorials by the look of it!
Thanks again

Thank you so much all of you! I guess you just get to know your way around after a while but I've been struggling with this for a while so I'm really grateful for the links and the suggestions of where to look. This information has finally confirmed my husband's family's myth that 'there's a bit of the Oirish in there'!  ;)

Hello from a newcomer to Rootschat. Just for reference I found this site through a search for Catholic Churches in 19thC Finsbury and the forum looks useful so here goes with my first question:

In brief, where might I find birth and marriage details for a (probably Catholic, possibly Irish) woman born in about 1863 in Finsbury and married in around 1884-6 to a (probably non Catholic) man from Bethnal Green?

More detail if it's of use - this is research into the families of my husband's maternal great grandparents, Mary Ann(e) Kelly and Thomas Tibbitts (also spelled Tibbits, Tebbets and several other variations!) from East London area, but I've got stuck on Mary Ann Kelly! I have census details for them from 1901 and 1911 living in Spitalfields and Bethnal Green, where details show her as coming from Finsbury (Thomas is from Bethnal Green), born around 1863, and married sometime around 1884-6. But I can't find details of her birth or marriage on Ancestry, Find my Past, Family Search etc. After 3 years searching I've only just found her maiden name and the potential Catholic connection through some family documents and wonder if this is why her records aren't coming up in the usual places.

Thanks in anticipation

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