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Lanarkshire / Re: Offer: Cadder Cemetery Transcriptions, Bishopbriggs
« on: Monday 10 July 17 20:25 BST (UK)  »
Hi Chris,

You’ve taken on a massive workload - well done. Can I take up your good offer and ask your assistance in hopefully finding the resting place of an important person in my family tree?

I have a relation who lived in Chryston, Cadder for over forty years until his death in 1962. His birth name was Thomas Duffy which he later opted to change to Thomas Duthie. He first worked as the school janitor at Chryston School and later a School Attendance Officer.

He was born in 1872 - died 1962 - age 90.

He married a Williamina Nimmo who died in 1946.

Kind regards,

Robert McKenzie.

Hi Robert,

Im afraid I have not comes across a headstone for Thomas or Williamina. Duffy, Duthie or



Hi Chris,

Thanks for replying. My request was a long shot. I had looked through your list of deceased and Duffy, Duthie, Nimmo wasn’t listed. Sorry for taking up your time. You’re providing an excellent service, much appreciated.



Have you checked the Poor Law Records for information, given that the Parish would have been maintaining them in the Industrial School and probably paying for the transportation to Canada there should be some record - they were very demanding of record keeping in respect of the cash  ::)

Hello again Falkyrn,

We have the "in" and "out" records of Catherine’s mother’s "Application For Poor Relief."

The application was made in 1876 and updated on 1913 (nothing in between) on the death of Catherine’s mother. There is no reference to Catherine on the 1913 section. 1913 records only show addresses, name of person Catherine’s mother lived with and Catherine’s young brother. We do know Catherine’s young brother thankfully kept in touch with her as his wife is named as a witness on Catherine’s marriage certificate.

Thanks again,


Lanarkshire / Re: Inmates at Maryhill Industrial School, Glasgow sent to Canada.
« on: Saturday 08 July 17 18:30 BST (UK)  »
I wonder if she may have went in some sort of assistant capacity to Mrs Cameron - 17 is pretty old for an Industrial School resident (16 was the normal cut off period  after which the authorities dealt with them as adults).

Hi Falkyrn, thanks for your interest,

Agree with you about the 16-year-old cut off. I thought similar but recent info shows one of the exported inmates was a 20-year-old. Unlikely Catherine went to Canada as an assistant, she didn’t return to Scotland, appears she was "farmed out" as help to a Canadian family. I don’t know why Catherine was placed in Rottenrow, her mother kept Catherine’s five-year-old brother with her. Perhaps extreme poverty and one child had to be given up? Later on Catherine’s mother entered into a long-term relationship with someone. She had a home, had Catherine’s brother living with her, but for some reason Catherine remained in the Maryhill home until she was 17-years-old.



Lanarkshire / Re: Inmates at Maryhill Industrial School, Glasgow sent to Canada.
« on: Saturday 08 July 17 18:20 BST (UK)  »
Can I ask how you know for definite that the Catherine Duffy in the Maryhill Industrial School is your Catherine Duffy? I may have missed something in a post.

Hello carolineasb,

Application For Poor Relief by Catherine’s mother records Catherine as being placed in Glasgow Rottenrow Industrial Home in 1875 by her mother. The Poor Relief Records show her mother claiming relief as being destitute due to her husband leaving her to (no evidence) go to America.

The Application for Poor Relief Records state:-
Name and Ages of Dependents:- CATHERINE, 6years. Born at 39 Old Vennel. Sent to Industrial School in 1875.
Catherine’s birth cert. shows 39 Old Vennel.
Birth cert. shows Catherine’s mother and father as repeated in Application For Poor Relief.   

Glasgow 1881 census records for Rottenrow Industrial Home show Catherine as 11-year-old inmate. Catherine and other female inmates were relocated to Glasgow, Maryhill Industrial Home in 1881/1882.



It's nice to meet you as well.   :)

Perhaps I am incorrect, but I feel like some of the information doesn't quite add up or that we are possibly missing a clue?

Catherine was born 6 June 1870, Glasgow, Scotland
She left Scotland in 1887, sailing from Liverpool, England and according to one of the pay sites, the ports of arrival were "St Johns, Newfoundland" and Halifax, Nova Scotia
Possibly Catherine in 1891: Kathie Duffie, born c1871, Scotland.  Living in Halifax City, NS
Catherine was back in Scotland by 1901

Perhaps I am reading the image incorrectly (quite likely) but it looks like Catherine and a number of young women (including the ones you mentioned) were going to St. John, NB.
   Did she eventually make her way to Halifax (pre-1891) before returning to Scotland?
   Have you tried looking for some of the girls with whom she travelled, to see where they ended up (possibly Halifax or back in Scotland)?
   Could she have met her future husband in Canada and returned to Scotland (with or without him) in order to marry him?
   Have you found her in the 1901 census?
   Who paid her passage back home -- would she have been able to save up enough money to return?


Hi LIsa, thanks for your reply and interest.

Here’s the lead I got Catherine’s moving to Canada record from …
Quick Search : British Home Children : The RootsChat.Com Reference ... 19 Apr 2012 -

I have this info. on Catherine and other inmates arriving in Canada …

ID:   15792    Name:   DUFFY, Catherine    DOB: 1870    Place of Birth: SCT.    Arrivals & Ships:  Aug.1887 : Nova Scotia.    DEST: Canada.    Agency: Maryhill School, Glasgow.

Notes from same website (
In 1887, Catherine Duffy, 17, arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, in a group of girls accompanied by *Mrs. Cameron, and en route to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
*Mrs Cameron was the superintendent at Maryhill Industrial School from circa 1882 - 1907.

Also …

Item: Passenger lists of the NOVA SCOTIAN arriving in Halifax, N.S., Baltimore, MD and St. John's, Nfld. on 1887-08-27
Ship ……………………...… NOVA SCOTIAN
Shipping Line …………… Allan Line Steamship Co.
Port of Departure ……..Liverpool, England
Date of Departure …….1887-08-16
Port of Arrival …………….Halifax, N.S.
                             Baltimore, MD
                                  St. John's, Nfld.
Date of Arrival …………….1887-08-27
Year ………………………......1887
Microfilm Reel Number  C-4513
Remarks …………………... Date of arrival may apply to Halifax only
Reference ……………….… RG 76
Item Number …………….…7707

On the Nova Scotian (sic) Passenger List "Cath Duffy" is listed with some of her inmates from Maryhill School so she is definitely my Grandmother.

It may be Catherine did make her way to Halifax and stayed there with a family -  the excellent information "jocose" has given me is very likely to be my Grandmother. Her future husband and my future Grandfather were born in Glasgow and as far as we know he never went to Canada - but then we didn’t know Catherine had gone to Canada! In their 1901 marriage cert my Grandfather and Catherine are recorded as living at different addresses in Glasgow.

The return journey money problem? I’ve given that thought, perhaps there was some cheap fare return scheme?

I’m trying to trace the other Maryhill inmates, but so far no luck.

Hope I’ve covered everything.

Thanks again,


I'm guessing Scotland from the industrial schools. If so, this may be her in 1891 as "Kathie Duffie", working as a domestic in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Hi jorose.

Happy to meet you.

Your guess is correct, both industrial schools were in Glasgow.

"Kathie Duffie" is a very strong possibility. On the passenger list out to Canada she is listed as "Katie Duffy" The misspelling of Duffy is common. All in your Canada Census 1891 applies. She was married in the United Free Church of Scotland, where she landed in Canada, and you’ve located the district where she stayed and the family she stayed with! There’s loads new information there to research.

jocose, thanks for your prompt reply and research - you’ve moved us ten years on - a month past I didn’t even know my Grandmother had been sent to Canada.



Would you know where she was born, please?

Hi Lisa, me again.

Her Birth certificate reads:
Catherine Duffy.
born: 6th June, 1870, 39 Old Vennel, Glasgow.
Father: Thomas Duffy.
Mother: Sarah Duffy (ms Blyth).

Thanks again.

Nothing to indicate that this is your Catherine, but...

Sailing on the Astoria from St. John's, Newfoundland to Glasgow, Scotland and arriving 11 July 1901
Cath Duffy; Occupation - Help; Scotch; age marked as "adults of 12 years and upwards"
[The image shows "Port of Embarkation - New York]  :-\

PS  Welcome to RootsChat   :)

Hi Lisa,

Nice to make your acquaintance. Thanks for your reply and research, much appreciated.

From your information, "Cath Duffy" could be my Grandmother, but, my grandmother was married on 31st December 1901, which doesn’t leave much time to meet and marry my Grandfather. The occupation of "Help" fits - "Laundrymaid" is the occupation on my Grandmother’s marriage cert. It’s possible, and likely, my Grandmother would travel to St John’s Newfoundland if the Astoria was sailing direct to her home town of Glasgow - makes sense.

You’ve given me a good lead to research.

Thanks again,


Lanarkshire / Inmates at Maryhill Industrial School, Glasgow sent to Canada.
« on: Thursday 06 July 17 00:56 BST (UK)  »

I’m trying to update my new found information on my grandmother, Catherine Blyth Duffy, who at the age of eleven is recorded as being an inmate at Rottenrow Industrial School in the 1881 census. She was relocated to Maryhill Industrial School where at the age of seventeen, along with other girls from Maryhill School, she was transported to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada on August 1887. The ship they sailed out on to Canada was the Nova Scotia. After that date I have no other record of her until her marriage on 31 December 1901. The marriage took place in Glasgow. Can anyone assist with regard to assessing records of return sailings from Canada to Scotland / Britain between 1887 and 1901? Any other information would be appreciated. The other girl inmates from Maryhill Industrial School who sailed out with my grandmother were: Maggie Wason, Maggie McCallum, Mary Logie, Mary B. Henderson, Minnie Logie, Mary Gillies, Robina Mitchell, Jessie Paul, Agnes Ross, Lizzie Mills, Agnes Stewart, Katie Reid, Maggie Gow, Agnes Francis and Jane Watson.

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