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Australia / Re: Johanna Stanley / Jane Ada Gray / John William Gray - Dubbo area NSW
« on: Wednesday 24 March 21 10:51 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

So after a few months of further research and comparing notes with other family researchers, we have pieced together a lot of the Healy part of the family and have copies of lots of notices etc.

However, one part I can't find out, is the birth details of Francis John Thomas Healy (or Healey).  I have found a Francis John Healey from a family that lives at Eden Monaro (which is where our Ada's father came from - see attachments) but can find nothing else on a birth for him in either Qld or NSW, only the death details which state Ada and Thomas Healy were the parents (which may not have been correct as their other child was not theirs but raised by them).  ???

Any suggestions on birth details for this child (he died at 10 years old in tragic shooting incident at Stannery Hills).

Australia / LOCKYER - Alfred Easter (Gray) - William CUMMINGS
« on: Friday 27 November 20 10:59 GMT (UK)  »
Just tracing a line in my husband's tree and looking for any info on family of Alfred Easter Lockyer (d 9 March 1970, age 63 years).  Mother was Ada Jane Gray, father "unknown" but took the name from Henry Thomas Lockyer.  At time of death, had 5 living children, Warwick Alfred, Gerald James, Arleen Ellen, Lawson Gordon and Francis Bernard.  Was married to Emily May Webber, and appears to have two deceased children, Ralph and Bertram.

I have a newspaper clip of a tragic shooting incident, from when he was in Stannery Hills with his mother (Ada) and Thomas Healy, and I know his mother re-married William Cummings and was living in Innisfail.  Alfred was born in Longreach and died in Rockhampton.

Would love to find out if anyone has any further information.
Thanks :)

Australia / Re: Gray Family - Obley NSW
« on: Wednesday 17 June 20 11:57 BST (UK)  »
Hi Deb, sorry no this is not the same Ada Gray that you are looking for.  Her name is Ada Jessie Gray and lived all her life in the Dubbo/Obley/Peak Hill area of NSW.

Her parents were Robert Gray and Jane Graham Sinfield.

Sorry cannot help.

Jill Hargraves


Australia / Re: Johanna Stanley - John William Gray - Aboriginal NSW?
« on: Wednesday 17 June 20 10:04 BST (UK)  »
maybe something to have a look at
Mary Raymond born 1828 - arrived New South Wales 28th March 1849 aged 21 - Assisted Immigrant Passenger
could that be your Mary Raymond ??

Thanks for that.  I don't believe so.  I have found the children of this Mary Raymond and Johanna Stanley is not one of them.  I believe there was a Mary Raymond who was a missionary at Apsley Mission or another mission in Dubbo/Wellington NSW area and that Johanna Stanley was an aboriginal girl there, who later in life said her mother's name was Mary Raymond?  We can't find any connection there at all and know that was a common thing to do.  Johanna also stated later in life that she was a "Mauri Princess" from "near Gray River, NZ", which the family believed was not true.  Her daughter also lied and even though she was born in Dubbo and said that early on, she stated in second marriage that she was born in Mexico.
We have found a John Stanley (maybe her father?) in the Aboriginal's camp in Wellington on the 1903 electoral roll.

Australia / Re: Ada Gray - parramatta girls home
« on: Monday 15 June 20 21:18 BST (UK)  »
Thanks, sorry siblings of Ada Gray ( walter’s sister Ada, not his daughter ada).

I am struggling to find anything on any of her siblings.  I have death certs of two of her brothers, and also of walter.  I dont have access to ancestry at the moment, hopefully will be able to get back on soon.

Australia / Ada Gray - parramatta girls home
« on: Monday 15 June 20 10:50 BST (UK)  »

I had a copy of a page from I believe a parramatta girls home which had Ada Gray as being committed in 1917, but I have lost the page or link.

Can someone please look this one up for me, She may have been known as Ada Gertrude Gray and born in 22nd April 1903.  Her parents were Walter Gray and Florence Briar.  Anything on this home or the previous home or her details on her committal.  I also believe she married around 1921 (that's when she left the home).

There was a page from the book that stated she was an "uncontrollable half-caste aboriginal, absconded from home at Cootamundra.

Thanks for your help. :)

I am also looking for any of her siblings details that I Haven't already got.  They may have been born in NSW or Qld.  I have attached a list of them and what details I already have.  I can't find any birth certificates for any of them - but have gone by death certificates to get most of their approximate dates of birth.

Thanks in advance.

World War One / Re: World War I - Henry Thomas Lockyer.
« on: Sunday 07 June 20 11:02 BST (UK)  »
Hi, thanks for that. 

I have searched that site now and have come up with a photo of albert Edward Lockyer (wow it looks so close to the photo I have, but so hard to tell) but not of his brother Francis George, and nothing is coming up for Henry (or Harry) Lockyer.

I think I will have to assume that he did not enlist in the war and the photo is either of Albert or Francis. :)

World War One / Re: World War I - Henry Thomas Lockyer.
« on: Sunday 07 June 20 09:11 BST (UK)  »
Hi, yes that is correct.

World War One / Re: World War II - Henry Thomas Lockyer
« on: Sunday 07 June 20 07:16 BST (UK)  »
Hi, he was born abt. 1882, migrated to Australia, married in Australia, had kids in Australia and died in Australia.  I have all of those details. 

I am just trying to find out if he was in the military so I can work out who the photo is of as I was told it was of him but I can't find any military records for him, just his younger brothers.


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