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I have records going back to the early 1800's on my mothers side with surnames of Diack and Gordon.  On my fathers side records go back to around the early 1700's with surnames of Russell, Bowie, Taylor, Bruce and Paterson.
Thanks for all your interest. I find all your comments quite fascinating.  The ring maybe has no family relevance but it would nevertheless to know its origin.   

Better picture of ring and only marking inside ring

My surname is Stewart.  Is there perhaps any connection?

Thanks for responses.  I'm not clued up on this topic at all so, if possible, would very much appreciate a simplified version of your responses.  This crest was on a ring that I recently found in an old wallet belonging to my father and was curious as to why he might have had it. Is it the crest of a specific family/clan and is there any significance attached to it?

It appears to be a shield with a knights head above, two sickle moons in both the top right and left corners, an inverted "V" across the middle of the shield and possible a five leafed plant (clover?) at the bottom.

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