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Was it just a guess for you x

I didn't guess about the date of the photo. I used my knowledge about photo/fashion dating.

If you mean  dying from childbirth or post partum complications, it seemed likely that that was the case as she was so young - that or TB.

What I did:

I had one site when I uploaded my DNA and created it (a tree) in their tree builder but didn't like it, so I decided to upload one that I had converted to gedcom from my Family History prog.

I then created a new site:

I then made sure I was in the new site by clicking it in top left box and uploaded the gedcom:

Have you read this?

It suggests that you have to re-assign

Warning: If you are the DNA manager of one or more DNA files in your MyHeritage account, deleting a family tree will delete all DNA Matches generated for these DNA files. In order to retrieve those DNA Matches, you will have to reassign the DNA kit. For further instructions, please read:
How do I re-assign a DNA kit to a family member in my tree?

If you were looking to delete a family tree in Family Tree Builder, please read the following article:
How do I delete a tree in Family Tree Builder?

I'm now confused too as I didn't re-assign anything. I just removed the tree and then uploaded the new gedcom to the old site.

An idea as you have not much to lose.

Delete both trees. go to the original account site in the drop down listing top left and upload the new gedcom one.

Add - how many DNA matches do you have?

Nearest I can see  so far is Halsway Manor

That's a very clear explanation, Ruskie.

Here's another paper:

Zaphod -  as you don't tell us your gender, it's difficult to be more precise than -

If you're male , then the X comes from your mother.

If you are female, one X comes from your mother and one comes from your father. The X from your father will always come from your father's mother, as your father (XY) will have inherited his X from his mother.


Add - I have assumed you know about the sex chromosome pair (23) -  XY = male and XX = female.

She doesn't have any lines showing on her face so I think she might well be in her early-mid 20s. Her eyes look sunken, but someone has drawn on one of them.

Watt did she die of - childbirth or something else?

The Common Room / Re: DNA result....confused
« on: Friday 24 September 21 22:59 BST (UK)  »
Ancestry will use the value to suggest various relationships from available data.

If you go to this site

 and put the total DNA you share with your half aunt in the top box, it will show the  various relationships you could have with that value.

A half aunt would probably be between 492 and 1312. This amount could also be one of the relationships that you list. By coincidence, my great or grand nephew and I share 1100cMs so, without knowing the actual relationship, they could suggest that I am his half aunt, etc.


Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe emeraldcity could tell us.

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