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The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Thursday 29th October
« on: Yesterday at 23:34 »
Only two of us contributed to Wednesday's diary, let's see how this one does.

It was another of those nights when I laid awake till 4am, felt lousy when I woke up. Eventually brought myself back to consciousness aided by lots of tea. Apparently it looks like we'll be going into tier 3 soon, not that it makes a haporth of difference to me, I don't have any social life in tier 2. Also we've been selected as one of three places in England that will be given mass testing which will be carried out by the army. I don't know where the other places are or why we've been chosen,  we're just a small town. Perhaps they want to compare the demographic, although I don't know what information they ask for.

 It was raining again today, eventually got up and did some more domestic things. Saw a couple of flocks of Canada geese flying overhead, honking loudly.
After lunch I sorted out some things for my Zoom art class tomorrow, did a couple of pencil sketches and a little bit of the tonal sketch but didn't complete it. Found a frame and hung my latest picture on the lounge wall, I like it better now it's on the wall.

The rain stopped about 2.15 so I went out, mainly around the walkways but also through the woods. Still didn't know if J and I would be walking tonight, we'd agreed to wait and see what the weather was like when she finished work.

Got prepared for my Tesco delivery, it arrived just after 4pm, did the usual sanitisation procedures. It wasn't raining, J was home about 5,15 so we decided we'd go for our walk in the dark. It's not going to get lighter any time soon. We stayed on paved areas, enjoyed the walk and the company.

Home for tea, telly, bath and bed.

I don't suppose anyone's day is particularly earth shattering at the moment but good to read how people have been getting on nevertheless.

Sorry to hear you've been suffering from the jab Caroline, hope you're feeling better today. I'm amazed that you still managed to do so much sewing and ironing too.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Wednesday 28th October
« on: Wednesday 28 October 20 23:33 GMT (UK)  »
Woke up quite early this morning, just as well I did seeing as I had the first of four nuisance calls on the landline at 8.45. Got up, threw on some clothes and went to put the recycling bins out. I don't want to put them out the previous evening as there have been reports of teenagers taking them and setting fire to them. That's only going to get worse as it comes up to what is euphemistically known as Mischief Night. That's actually become more like vandalism night.

Was getting ready to go for my walk, I really needed a change. Had checked the tide times a few days ago, not ideal for me to walk on the beach. Checked again, it was between high and low tides, there should still be plenty of beach so decided to go. Took my gloves and woolly hat, I was glad I did, the wind was chilly. I was surprised at how many couples and groups of people were walking there, I'd forgotten it was half term. There were very few children though but I suppose there may have been people who work in schools. And of course as we're in Tier 2 it's the only way for friends to meet. It's never crowded but last year at this time the number of people I would have seen would probably be in single figures. It was cloudy but dry, the walk was bracing.

After lunch I thought I'd do a bit of tidying up in the garden. That didn't last long, it was cold and I hadn't been out there long before it started raining. The forecast is much warmer at the weekend but some rain then too. Not sure when I'll get anything done, I checked when the last garden waste collection is, it's not till the end of November so I have a while yet.

Did some cleaning upstairs, updated my Tesco order again and looked for a new filter for my vacuum cleaner. What a palaver, after reading the review for one where someone said it didn't fit I measured the existing one and had to check on all the product details to find the right one. They were all ones where I had to spend twenty quid to get free delivery, ordered some art materials.

Fish for tea, watched Portrait Artist, was pleased with the result this week. I thought the artist in the hat painted both herself and the sitter like an illustration of a romantic heroine.

The weather isn't looking promising for my walk with my friend tomorrow, hope they've got it wrong.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary - Tuesday 27th October
« on: Wednesday 28 October 20 21:32 GMT (UK)  »
I've occasionally seen them when doing the ironing on a rainy afternoon. That sounds like a really funny episode, just the sort of thing we need these days.  :D

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary - Tuesday 27th October
« on: Wednesday 28 October 20 20:03 GMT (UK)  »
MH, I'm sorry to hear about those deaths, I know the infection rate in the South West has previously been low, hope you don't have to join us in tier 2.

Voktoria, as always you have given me a laugh. Chained up in the cellar indeed!  ;D

I always watch Corrie, must admit some of it is getting on my nerves lately, it's all doom and gloom. Could do with a bit of the humour they used to manage to inject.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary - Tuesday 27th October
« on: Wednesday 28 October 20 18:13 GMT (UK)  »
Viktoria, hope the birds enjoy their feast. I'm sure I read somewhere that you should soak dried fruit but I've just looked on the RSPB website and it doesn't say anything about that, just that you shouldn't put out more than they can eat in one day and don't feed them anything salty. So they'll all have their bibs on ready!
Well done on sorting out those medical people! In my local hospital you can only collect any prescription from the doctors there at the hospital pharmacy, it sounds like yours is the same.

MH, I'm sure you're right about perceptions having an influence on our mental health, positivity can definitely have benefits. That can be difficult even in normal times but finding pleasure in small things like Viktoria does may well be the key. I need to take a leaf out of her book.
People seem to have responded to the adverts urging them to take an autumn holiday in the UK, I suppose a lot will be in Devon because it's half term. Hope you soon get some peace.  :)

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary - Tuesday 27th October
« on: Wednesday 28 October 20 00:28 GMT (UK)  »
Glad to hear you both got your jab Caroline, let's hope it's not too long before it's the Covid one. It's looking promising. Pleased to hear your daughter will make use of the pumpkin, I fear there will be a lot thrown in the bin

My day:
It was late morning before I got out for my walk, luckily I made it before the rain started. Walking through the woods, I stopped to compliment a woman on her lovely dog. She said he was a Pyrenean Mastiff, he was a really big dog but absolutely gorgeous, he had lovely markings. She said he wasn't her dog, she was just walking him. He did come for a stroke, he was very gentle.

After lunch the rain arrived as forecast. My friend J and I had been thinking of going for a walk tonight, I asked her if she could make tomorrow instead as the forecast was bad. Unfortunately she can't so we're hoping to do Thursday, weather permitting.

Went back to my unsuccessful acrylic pour painting, had just mixed the colours and was about to start pouring when the doorbell rang. I hadn't ordered anything, it was a courier with a parcel for next door, took that in and went back to my painting. Was pleased with the results this time, it'll be the base for a picture.

My friend L phoned, we talked about how our last paintings had gone and plans for the next.

Took some curry out of the freezer for tea. Also had a bottle of lager with it! I actually bought it for the slugs (not kidding!) but they only sold six packs. Haven't drunk lager since the beginning of the year. Yesterday I had a cup of coffee, can't remember the last time I drank coffee. So with my egg buying experience yesterday that's three things I haven't done for more than seven months. Life is one long adventure.  ::)

Finished my paperback, The Familiars. Excellent. Currently on Kindle for 99p. (I'm not on commission)

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Monday 26th October
« on: Tuesday 27 October 20 23:56 GMT (UK)  »
That's really good to hear Carol,  I'm very happy for you.  :)

Caroline, thank you for your kind words.

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