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Hi Derek, I am the daughter of Edgar James Coleman, brother of Cecil Watmore Coleman, so I am your cousin. I was a member of Rootschat as Dios originally probably about 10 years ago, but have just started to look at genealogy again, can't remember original detail, so had to re-register. I have a lot of detail of the Attfields, unfortunately on paper only now as my GED file is gone. We have met, when you were a little curly headed kid and I was doing some school practice as a student about to go to college, back in 1949. I am now 87, have lived in Canada since 1961, just south of Vancouver. Would be interested in hearing from you if you are interested. Best wishes to you, Diana aka Di.

PS My mum Nelly and your Grandmother were good friends, used to meet up in their old age, for a drink, I think.

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