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Cumberland / Re: Carruthers & Armstrong in Lanercost 1755
« on: Monday 08 August 22 23:31 BST (UK)  »
Hello iem,

As far as I remember from the research I did years ago, Jane Armstrong was the sister of John Armstrong, Surgeon and Apothecary of Brampton. John was the son of John Armstrong of Dalbeth, Dumfriesshire and Christian Armstrong who was the daughter of Francis Armstrong and Christian Elliot of Whithaugh, Roxburghshire.

Roxburghshire / Re: Whitaugh Armstrongs
« on: Monday 08 August 22 23:12 BST (UK)  »
Long time since I've been on Rootschat, hopefully I'll add some more info to sort out the families of the Armstrongs of Whithaugh and Dalbeth.

Roxburghshire / Re: Whitaugh Armstrongs
« on: Thursday 09 February 12 13:18 GMT (UK)  »
A few more names from this 1667 deed

It's from the last few lines before the last paragraph with the signatures. The letter that looks like a capital 'G' is a capital' S', the letter that looks like straight line bent over at the top to the right is a small 's'.

Same place John ? ? ? in Flat. Symone Armstronge in Cassiltoune and Williamo Scott in Parke and Williamo Croser in Maynes and John Armstronge in Whitau[gh?] with diborsis? allye?

Durham / Re: William Armstrong, 18 Carter street, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland
« on: Saturday 17 December 11 16:10 GMT (UK)  »
Basically Elizabeth and William got the use of the houses with all the contents and rents, until they died, married or reached a certain age. All the monies were to be put into good securities with each child receiving 10 to start with and a similar amount every so often or when needed, until the houses were sold, when all the monies were to be collected and split equally between all his five children.

The trustees William Robson, Timber merchant of 6 Harold street, Sunderland and Joseph Augustus London of Rock Lodge, Claxheugh in the County of Durham were given 19:19s as recompense for carrying out the trusts.

Durham / William Armstrong, 18 Carter street, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland
« on: Friday 16 December 11 12:57 GMT (UK)  »
Where did William Armstrong disappear to?

My 3rd great grandfather's brother William Armstrong was born on 12th April 1859.
In 1881 he is living with his sister Elizabeth at 18 Carter street, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland and his occupation was a builders clerk. His father had died in 1879 leaving 800 in his will. In the will, it says that William and Elizabeth shall have posession and the rents and profits from his dwelling house, 18 Carter street, Bishopwearmouth and his premises of 13, Bramwell street, Bishopwearmouth until William attained the age of 25 years or dies or marries or Elizabeth marries.

Later on in 1881, William's sister Elizabeth married John Clegram Brewis, the son of a master butcher of Walworth street, Bishopwearmouth. Walworth street was also where William and Elizabeth's father had previously had a Timber merchant business.

I have traced all the other members of the family, but William seems to have disappeared.

Dumfriesshire / Re: Robert Armstrong B 1826 Priorhill Canonbie
« on: Friday 02 December 11 19:53 GMT (UK)  »
Don't know if this will help you Judy, Here's something i wrote down a while ago....

Armstrong's of Priorhill.
 Robert Armstrong 1750-1825, spouse Jane Armstrong 1759-1826. Robert son of above ??? - 1783. Son's of Robert [junior]:- William 1780 -1790 and John 1772 -1822 died Iniskillen, Ireland.

Roxburghshire / Re: Kerrs of Linton/Lintoun/Lintoune/Lyntoune and Home of Haircarse
« on: Saturday 26 November 11 18:07 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you, terianne.

It seems to be the right family
I've found a book The baronetage of England from 1741, published again in 1771, which says that Mary the daughter of Benjamin Culpeper married Andrew Ker, the Laird of Lintoun in Scotland, of his grace the duke of Roxburough's family.

Roxburghshire / Kerrs of Linton/Lintoun/Lintoune/Lyntoune and Home of Haircarse
« on: Saturday 19 November 11 14:25 GMT (UK)  »
Has anyone got Kerrs of Linton/Lintoun/Lintoune/Lyntoune or Home of Haircarse?

I'm not sure where the Kerrs come from, whether it was Linton in Roxburghshire or in Peebleshire.

Sophia Kerr married Gilbert Ker of Greenhead, brother of Sir William Ker of Greenhead.
William Kerr
Mary Kerr married Robert Scott in Park in Liddesdale
Janet Kerr
Henry Kerr
Elizabeth Kerr married James Scott of Bowhill
Christian Kerr
Andrew Kerr
James Kerr
Julian Kerr married Francis Armstrong of Whithaugh in 1683

The parents of the above were Henry Kerr of Linton/Lintoun/Lintoune/Lyntoune and Margaret Home.

They are mentioned in Inquisitionum ad Capellam domini regis retornatarum, quae in public archives Scotland.


Sept 11 1656
"Margaret Home spouse to Harie Kerr of Lintoun, heir of David Home of Haircarse, her father, - in the lands of Haircarse extending to 6 husband-lands (156 acres) within the earldom of March:- E.6l one part of lands called Haircarse extending to one 2 mercland within the parochin of Fogoe.-E.27s"

Cumberland / Re: Graham's of Cumberland
« on: Sunday 23 October 11 14:41 BST (UK)  »
A bit of a early one for you Papamoa,

Do you have a baptism/christening for a Jhaine Grame of [P]lump, (Jane Graham of Plomp) in your collection, she would have been born about 1600 and married Lancelot Armstrong of Whithaugh in Oct 1625 at Arthuret.


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