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Lanarkshire / Help with William James Carson and Catherine O'Connell -married 1892
« on: Friday 25 January 19 11:31 GMT (UK)  »
I've hit a bit of a brick wall with William James Carson, who was born in Ballymoney, Antrim, NI in 1867 and settled in Glasgow. I have his birth certificate and death certificate, both of which state his mother is Catherine Long and his father John Carson. His daughter Margaret Mary Carson's birth certificate has he and his wife Catherine O'Connell as marrying 2 June 1892 in Glasgow. I have found a certificate for a William Carson and a Katie O'Connell marrying on that exact date in Blackfriars, Glasgow. But the spanner is thrown in to the works when I read his mother as being 'Jannet Scott- deceased'.

I do have William's mother Catherine Long's death cert and can see she passed away in Glasgow in 1873. His father John would have been around 35 years old then, so I have searched to see if he married again, but have drawn a blank.

Have I found the wrong marriage certificate for William James and Catherine O'Connell? Or did he perhaps marry again?

If you have any clues or pointers, it would be great as it may help me break down this brick wall.

Thanks for your help!

I now have the birth certificate for oldest child Winifred Ellen Jones (born 9 Oct 1903, Union Workhouse, Great Snoring Norfolk)

She is down as "Rose Jones of Fakenham, a domestic servant"

I've been searching for a record of her in Fakenham, but I've come up a blank. I guess this at least hints that she came from London to Norfolk to work as a servant. I just keep coming up with Rose A Jones of Great Ellingham, but she doesn't look to he the correct one.

I have ordered William Herbert Jones' birth cert just in case it provides any additional clues.

I've not been able to find anything for a Rose Jennie (Jane or Jennifer) Ducker as yet. If her first two children were born in the workhouse would it be worth me ordering their birth certificates? I can see on their baptism records she was noted as 'single woman'. Would there perhaps be additional information on the birth certs?

I have been trying to find some evidence of why she would have come from London to Norfolk, either on her own or with her family. I have found a record of a William H Jones (born 1863) and wife Hannah Jones (born 1861), with a child Rose Jones (born 1883) and sibilings Leonard and Edith in the 1891 England Census. They were residing in Great Ellingham, Norfolk, England. William is noted as being born in London. However, Rose is noted as being born in Great Ellingham. Could this be a lead or another red herring?

I've found a baptism record for Winifred Ellen Jones 22 Oct 1903, mum Rose Jones, registered at The Union House, Great Snoring, Norfolk. That looks to be a workhouse. No note of the father or Rose's parents though.

Good spot, I hadn't noticed that! I don't have Winifred Ellen or William Herbert's birth certs, so I shall research and see what I can come up with.

Looking at the birth certificate I have the birth date is 8 Sep 1884. Not consistent with the 1939 census.

Would her death certificate provide any additional information? I don't have a copy of that yet.

I have her and Herbert on the 1911 census. Rosie Ducker estimated birth year abt 1886. Birth place London, England and residing in Thetford.

The 1939 census has her birth date as 23 Jul 1884, Rose Ducker residing with Herbert in Aylsham.

I have her date of death as June 1968 with an estimated birth date of abt 1884 in the Death Index.

I am thinking the 'May' middle name may have come from my viewing a distant cousin's research and taking that as correct. I think that has perhaps lead me on a wild goose chase?

I've hit a bit of a brick wall with my great great grandmother Rose May Jones. She married my great grandfather Herbert Charles Ducker in 1905 in Aylesham, Norfolk. She was noted as coming from London and her father was noted as:

William Jones (deceased)

She was born in 18 SEP 1884 Marylebone, London and I traced her birth certificate

On this it reads that her mother was Anne Elizabeth Jones, barmaid of St Pancras, residing at 32 Burton Crescent, St Pancras. A little research shows this as the address of the pub, the Carpenters Arms. No father's details are noted at all.

I have searched fruitlessly for evidence of Anne's marriage to a William or some record of William and Anne linked to Rose May (census etc), but can't seem to come up with anything.

Can anyone help?

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