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Canada / Re: Philomena Carter - Ottawa
« on: Tuesday 05 February 19 10:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Alexander,
I would like to forward you the information I have privately about what happened to the girls- am I right in thinking that you are a decendant of Louisa Carter (Philomena’s aunt?) I think we may have corresponded years ago.

Canada / Re: Philomena Carter - Ottawa
« on: Wednesday 11 July 18 22:33 BST (UK)  »
I was in touch with Dora's granddaughter a few years ago and with John Tamburri - Philomena's nephew from their mother and Alfonso Tamburi. I still have John's email address.
I have all this information which I would like to share with you on how Philomena was in Canada.
Are you able to private message me your email address?

Canada / Re: Philomena Carter - Ottawa
« on: Wednesday 11 July 18 11:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi Daniel,

yes I just happened to give it another try last night to find what happened to Philomena and came across this chat feed, I'm so glad I did.
I think if I post 3 times we can private message each other.
I am in England, Norwich.

Canada / Re: Philomena Carter - Ottawa
« on: Tuesday 10 July 18 20:20 BST (UK)  »
Hi Daniel,

I have been looking for further information on your grandmother Philomena Carter for a long time, she is the sister of my grandmother. Vercalia Carter but known as Bridget Carter, their younger sister Antonia Carter was known as Dora the name in brackets is Tony, not Jony. I would be really interested to chat with you and exchange knowledge and hopefully fill some of the gaps that I have been searching for.  Yes Dora did live in Manchester as did my granny and their mother Alice who married Alphonso Tamburri and went on to have other children.

I wait in anticipation of your reply

Best Wishes Jacqui

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