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Thats awesome, where i am in the UK we have a couple of polish delicatessen  the sausages are really good and my grandad absolutely loved boczek..  before he passed its all he kept requesting  ;D


Page 265 3 down... there just about confirms everything I wanted it to be :) Vincent Bombera with my great grandmother Sophie listed below... I take it copulatus is marriage?? I had my great grandmothers surname as pischke but is that piszezek?


So from this link I found their marriage record.. page 105/193 first on the top.. which is cool as from their age I presume aetas is age... I can ascertain their years of birth.

Interestingly... just occurring to me I have come across various Anna Bombera’s in searches.. Anastasia - Anna maybe?? Many new avenues thanks for your help

The 2 signatures would that be witnesses or godparents would anyone know??
Godparents, aka sponsors. Usually one of each gender. The columns might have headings.

I've tried finding columns but no luck

The place is Nakel in german which changed hands a few times but in polish is Naklo

Thanks for that horselydown86

It certainly shares the V patterns, is that bottom one the other Vincentius you mentioned? As that too shares similarities, the beginning of the I and how far across the dot goes.. the possible CE in the Bombera one is just very close rather than slightly distances in the others.

OK, thats great thank you 😁

Will start doing some search into Franc... and Anastasia see what might crop up.

Oh brilliant I Will make a note of those thank you...

Basically I am researching my great grandfather his name is Vincent Bombera, I was hoping that maybe that the 'Oviantus' would maybe be 'Vincentius' that Latin for Vincent.. but very much a case of seeing what I wanted to see... so nice to have a different pair of eyes. All I know of his siblings is that he had a brother name Leon 'Leo' so again with the second record maybe just seeing what I wanted to see.. have no birth records or anything for Leo so just trying to put 2 and 2 together..

The 2 signatures would that be witnesses or godparents would anyone know??

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