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Australia / Re: Deaths of Herbert and Zita Chippendale (Chippendall) Aug 1995
« on: Sunday 06 December 20 00:35 GMT (UK)  »
Jenny, In case you can't get messages yet (technically you need to have replied to three items, I think) this is our paths from John Giles C (1809-1882). For Herbert it is Edwin Charles C (1842-1910), Herbert Augustus C (1865-1938) and Herbert Augustus C (1907-1995). For me it is John Giles C (1809-1882), Henrietta C (1834-1884), William George Tress (1871-1923), Catherine Scott Tress (1902-1942), Mabel Alice Jones (1926-2016) and me (b 1954). Since Herbert is your great uncle I think you must be descended from one of his siblings: Cecily, Dorothy, Kathleen or William (Eric). Unless Zita (nee Turner) was the one you were related to, in which case we are back to square one. My name is Turner and her maiden name was Turner but we are not related, I'm pretty sure. Geoff

Australia / Re: Deaths of Herbert and Zita Chippendale (Chippendall) Aug 1995
« on: Saturday 05 December 20 23:03 GMT (UK)  »
Great to hear from you, Jenny. Iíll send you a private message with my email address and that of a cousin in Canberra who is a Chippindall/Chippendale expert. We are both descended from John Giles Chippindall and Margaret Dowse. I think your great uncle was my 2nd cousin, twice removed (Iíll check). Geoff

Jamesí daughter Kate was married in Manhattan in 1895, and the 1905 Census shows everyone in Manhattan, so I think thatís where all the action was in the early years. Mary, who never married, was a governess for a Manhattan family in 1905. Geoff

Thanks Gaffy,
Yes, I was looking for them individually but hoping to hit the jackpot with them all together. Bridget was baptised in 1842 so would have been 48 in 1890, although she had a younger husband so might have shaved a few years off. Certainly her sister Catherine (my great grandmother) who came to Australia was very cagey about her age (if she in fact knew when she had been born). Even so, thatís a big stretch. Iíll run it past the cousins. Itís better than anything we had.

In 1890 Mary would have been 13, Kate would have been 12 and Annie would have been 7. So thatís a good possibility for Annie, and Bridget I guess. The stepdaughters Mary and Kate might have come separately. Kate married in New York in 1895 so she was there by then. Mary never wed but was on the 1905 NY Census.

I like Moville, since that is where James boarded. Most of the other possibilities we were looking at (and discarded) left from Cobh/Queenstown. There seems no reason for them to leave from opposite ends of Ireland, when they were a Dublin family.


One witness, wife of applicant (see attached). I don't have James in a 1890 Census. I have only ever seen her called Bridget, but some other family members think she may have been called Bessie as well. I was just trying to cover all bases, that's why I said "perhaps". Bridget's parents were both dead when she married James in 1881. I don't know when James' parents died, but I think sending him first was more likely to be decision based on finances. He was a porter and she was a house servant, and they had three extra mouths to feed (not counting the two infants who died). He is listed on the Furnessia in 1887 as a porter with two pieces of luggage, no family travelling with him. He is a porter on the Irish civil registrations. There is an unconfirmed story that he worked on a news stand in New York until he saved enough money to send for his wife and girls. I have not been able to contact the person with that version of the story. Thanks, Geoff

Thanks for the tip about other ports. I have now been through for the US and Canada with no port specified so I get more than just NY, searching in the 1887-1892 period for Bridget, Bessie, Anne, Annie, Mary,  Kate, Kitty, Katharine ... but no luck. Got me stumped! Time to move on, although this has been frustrating me for a while now.
But again, thanks for your help.

Hi all,

I have been going around in circles trying to find the emigration of a mother and her daughter and two step-daughters from Ireland to New York. James Doyle and Bridget Brennan (my 2nd great aunt) were married on 7 Aug 1881 in Dublin. It was Bridget's first marriage but James had been married before. His first marriage (from 1875 until 1880 when his first wife died) resulted in three children -- a boy who died as an infant and two girls, Mary (b 1877) and Katharine (b 1878). James and Bridget had two daughters, Annie (b 1883) and a girl who died.

James went on ahead, catching the Furnessia from Moville and arriving in New York on 5 Sep 1887. He then sent for Bridget, perhaps also called Bessie, and the three girls. It is the crossing of the wife and three daughters that I can't find.
Katharine married George Worden Keefe in Manhattan in 1895 and died in 1965. Mary never married but was a governess in Manhattan in the 1905 Census. Annie married James Floyd Sloan in Manhattan in 1900 and died in 1936.

James was naturalised in the Superior Court, New York County, on 29 Sep 1892, with Bridget as witness, so I think it safe to assume Bridget and the girls emigrated between Sep 1887, when James arrived, and Sep 1892, which is when we first find Bridget in the US, witnessing the naturalisation.

Annie's death certificate in 1936 says she had been in the US for 47 years, meaning she came to the US in 1889 -- which fits nicely into the target range of 1887 to 1892. So we are looking for Bridget, Mary, Kate (Kitty) and Annie Doyle on a ship in that period.

I have had limited success trying to track down transatlantic voyagers (I'm in Australia). Can anyone tell me the best (free) site to help us track down this group's emigration?

I subscribe to but my membership level (and geographical focus) does not seem to give me access to the relevant information.
All help gratefully received,
Geoff Turner.

Thanks for your thoughts. Even if we canít be sure exactly what Margaretís maiden name was, knowing there were probably four brothers is significant, Geoff

Hi all,

This all relates to Castlejordan, which is in a corner of Meath, near Offaly and Westmeath. We have found a baptism of interest for Michael Gaffney on 17 Mar 1834, son of Patrick and Margaret.

Working backwards to discover the mother's maiden name, we found the marriage on 23 Jan 1827

The bride's name seems to be HAVY or HARRY. My main question is, which of those seems more likely?
We also found a baptism for John Gaffney on 7 Dec 1827 at Castlejordan, son of Patrick and Margaret, which doesn't help much, except to tell us Michael Gaffney had a brother.

There is a James Gafney baptism 1 Dec 1843, same place, for which the parents seem to be Patrick Gaffney and Margaret HEANEY

Finally there is a baptism on 20 Mar 1848 for Joseph. It looks like the parents are Patrick Gaffney and Margaret HENRY.

It may be that there are two Patrick Gaffneys, one married to Margaret  Havy/Harry and one married to Margaret Heaney/Henry, but both marrying and baptising their children at Castlejordan.
It is 21 years between the first and last baptisms, so it is possible it is all the one couple, and the handwriting is fooling us all along.
We really just want to know the name of Michael Gaffney's mother. Any ideas?
All help gratefully received.
Geoff Turner

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