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Europe / Re: When and Why
« on: Wednesday 06 February 19 19:45 GMT (UK)  »
Cant be the same Heinrich then.

Thanks all for your help  :)

Europe / Re: When and Why
« on: Wednesday 06 February 19 07:56 GMT (UK)  »
That is great, married in Hamburg 1932.

I found a marriage reference for a Heinrich August Wilhelm Dwenger in Hamburg in 1932:

Best regards,

Thank you Karen, that is amazing.

You won’t be able to name them as born too recently, but what years were Heinrich’s children born?
Is one the 1947 marriage in Devon?

I only know of one child, not sure where or when born. I couldn't find any record of uk birth, but I am a novice.

Matching ref is for a HAMMANN Anna Sophie Luise  :)

What does this mean, please?

Thank you all for your help, I'm so pleased.  :)

Europe / Re: When and Why
« on: Tuesday 05 February 19 21:54 GMT (UK)  »
Just says general labourer, no we know nothing Im afraid, rumours or religion, just a big mystery.

Europe / Re: When and Why
« on: Tuesday 05 February 19 21:33 GMT (UK)  »
Not that I can find under the names on the death certificate, but this is new to me.

Sure, Heinrich August Wilhelm Dwenger born 1910 and Frieda Martha Emma Dwenger (Laake) born 1914. I don't think the children were born in UK.

WW2 Im assuming.

Thank you

Europe / When and Why
« on: Tuesday 05 February 19 21:23 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, I am new to this site.

I have traced great grandparents, I have their death certificates.

I would love to know when they moved to the UK and why. I think they came over to the UK around war times from Germany, its so intriguing, why? I can't find any record under their names, other than the death certificates which were in Scotland. Any help greatly received.


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