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Hi Jen
My mother had Dementia so not sure how she would have responded to anyone in the family.
An old friend of mine who has just retired as a Doctor in Adelaide has been doing the research on my family as it is a hobby of his and I was surprised when he provided me with your details to make contact.
He has done my family tree/ history going back on both side of my family to the early 1700's.
I have some photos of my grandfather Benjamin and grandmother with details of what he did in the war.

Noooo….it hasn't been ten years! I don't spend as much time on Rootschat as I used to but still check fairly regularly and will always respond to some who replies to one of my posts.

Hello Brian,

We are indeed related, through Clarence Howe. My grandfather was John McIntosh Howe. I think I might have spoken, on the phone, to a member of your family in Greenock some years ago. Whoever it was gave me a thorough telling off about the behaviour of my grandparents, who apparently never got in touch again after they moved to Middlesbrough around the time of WW2. I took the blame squarely on my shoulders although I wasn't born until several years later!! ;D

I grew up near Middlesbrough but have lived in Cumbria for the past forty years.

Hi Jen,
No idea who that was in Greenock as my mother Margaret (nee Glass) died in 2008 and my father in 2010 but I have information on our side of the Howe family - my phone number is (*) for a chat?
Kind regards,

(*) Moderator Comment: phone number removed in accordance with RootsChat policy,
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Thanks Sarah many thanks for your prompt reply which is appreciated

Did you realise that It was posted 10 years ago Japeflakes!

Sorry no I did not how can I get in touch with my relative?

Hi Jen,

My name is Brian Howe Smith, my mother's maiden name was Margaret Glass Howe and my grandfather was your grandfather's brother (one of 5 brothers) Benjamin Clarence Howe.
We share the same great grandfather - Clarence Samuel Howe.
By the way I live in Cheshire having emigrated from Greenock. - Further details will be supplied if you can Facebook me under Brianwsb (in Northwich) 

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