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Being related to William Russell, George Riley and myangarlie has made our search much easier. Solomon is a bit of a mystery we have his birth registered as a toliman. We later have him listed as Solomon Riley in a newspaper article in 1910 about the flood in 1864 when he and George saved a local settlers son from drowning. Other then that we have very little info on him. George Riley is thought to be the first Aboriginal man to be place on the Electrol roll. I think if they weren't so prominent in the local area our search would be much harder

Two great books about the Gundungurra people of burragorang valley are. Gungalook the burragorang aboriginal Riley family and the new one Aboriginal people of burragorang both by Dr Jim Smith. We contributed to both books the second one is basically a big family tree most of the valley Aboriginal families were related either thru blood or marriage.

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George reilly and Solomon toliman were brothers, William russell was their cousin, paddy morrowin was their uncle. Charles skeritt was also a cousin and the surname later changed to sheritt. im assuming tommy Sammy was jelick. I am the 4th great grand daughter of George Riley/Reilly. 

ot sure if you are still interested in various early records, and of course the following is not from the New England District but

NSW Electoral Roll for CAMDEN 1870 has the following entries with the word (aboriginal) or (ab.)  in brackets under the heading Christian and Surname for the following

George CHIPPENDALE, residence at Burragorang
Paddy MORROWIN, residence at Burragorang
George REILLY, residence at Burragorang
William RUSSELL, residence at Burragorang
Tommy SAMMY residence at Burragorang
Charles SKERITT residence at Burragorang
Soloman TOLMAN, residence at Burragorang
Thomas WRIGHT, residence at Burragorang

The returning officer for that Electoral District was J M ANTILL, and he certified the roll on 4 July 1870 at Jarvisfield, Picton.

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