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No Thankyou I was able to do that myself, I read that story ...what a wonderful story...sadly I dont think we can go any further if the Church books have been destroyed
possibly a forever brickwall.....

Thankyou very much Dave..
I was just reading the snippert at the end of the NeuKalen Church book..reads
Filmed by the Genealogy Society Utah in Archiv repository at Gosler West Germany, so was wondering if a copy was held there..
Dont have to now...Thankyou Dave ..enjoy the rest of your day...

Thankyou...I was wondering if an email directly to Salt lake HQ asking where are pages 1736-1746

Thankyou Dave,
I have a question Please....the Church book for Neukalen  say 1704-1854, but only 1704-1715+1780-1875 are online

Any suggestions why only a small part available....Can we look somewhere else??
Thanks again

Hi to the Group,

Trying to find the Father of these two brothers Please

Jochim Hinrich born around 1738 and
Johann Jochim born around 1746.

Jochen Hinrich Gertz (Giertz Gerds Gerdes)  was married [1768] with Catharina Maria Lau.1735-1803 Neukalen

 Johann Friedrich, the son of Jochen Hinrich, was married with a different Lau, namely Catharina Sophia Lau 1772-1842

There  is another Family Unfortunately, the Gerdes from Börzow don’t fit.

  Johann Joachim Goertz (Gertz, Gerds, Giertz) 1746-1795 Neukalen married 1775 to Catharina Ilsabe Hasse. 1751-1806  Both in Neukalen

Jochen Hinrich is the father who died and Johann Friedrich is his son. Source: Entry in the book of the rifle or shooting club Neukalen.

 Neukalen is a town in the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte district, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany. It is situated 19 km southwest of Demmin


 Rick in Australia

Martha...married 26 Sep 1841 in St Paul's, Dublin City, Ireland
She married Charles Brinlay/Brinley/Brindley
(the name spelling varies between different New Zealand BDM records), with the date and location of the wedding, unknown.

Her husband, Charles, is said to have been born in Ireland, at Tara Castle, Meath, Leinster, Ireland, in 1818, and, he died in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1861.

Bit puzzled Heywood...checked on Ancestry...why would
Ellen Brinkley age 9 b.1812 in 1821 Ballyhas Castleterra Cavan Ireland Loughtee upper have
Ellin Conley as head
Charles Brinkley 5
Ellen Brinkley 9
Bridget Conley 60 Mother
Was Bridget the Mum and Ellin Conley her oldest son, dont the two Brinkley kids have parents??

Hi to the forum

Charles Brinley born 1813 Castlelara Bullyhaise Cavan Ireland..

If the Ballyhaise Catholic Church was built between 1820-1825
and the Ballyhaise Church of Ireland built between 1815-1825 where would is birth records be.
Find-my-past has this info, however not a full member, so can only get this far.
Charles Brinley -private service number 838,  58th Reg joined 1833.
Need to confirm birth and Parents Please.
Many Cheers Rick in Australia

Thanks guys...Apologies for the delay..been caught up with Christmas
Merry Christmas
Cheers Rick

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