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Well done
Yes I do know Dave, matter of fact I asked Dave yesterday what he thought the translation might be.Im Rick and live in Aussie...
That link leads to Kasachstan about 3360 kms from Poland...the 1900 census says RussianPoland.
and boarded the ship to NY via Hamburg thinking is that if I lived in Kasachstan I'd probably board the ship maybe Italy..closer....anyway managed to find a young girl that travelled to see her Uncle same place in NY she puts her origin as Czernskor OH Biez Gb. Plonk [Czersko=greater Poland]  and Bobrowo .. Gima Bobrowo is not that far from Warsaw and Blonk is half that distance
Ill have a crack and see if Joseph Celger/Selger born 1866 or 1862 can hide from me there
Thanks again Rick

Thankyou Erato,
The name on that link passenger list Josef Cegler born 1866 immigrated 1889 to NY to me looks like Lzuikowka ...Im probably miles away and confused especially after reading the links to do with the participation of Poland, been separated a few times....spent most of the avo trying to get Ancestry and google show me the correct spelling for this place....can anyone else make head nor tail of the place...I got
Lzuikowka,Laznowska Lzuikowa Szczynba and Liszuklew....I see some trees on Ancestry to do with Cegler/Segler they all stop at Russianpolish.
Thanks again Rick in Australia

Wow and Thankyou...
The newspaper articles explain a lot, problems in Poland and problems in NY making name changes necessary...Ive had no luck at all with their immigration 1881 my thinking was that their town/village would get a mention that Joseph/Josef and Jozefa/Josephine came from

    Jozefa / Josephine/ Josie S-/Ziegler/Cziegler/Cegler formerly Ceglerski/-a. (1874 - July 1945 Schenectady)
Appreciate the help...Thankyou Rick in Australia

Hi to the group,

Information taken from the US 1910 Federal Census....ancestry 1910 United States Federal Census -

 I have a Joseph Selmer born 1862 Russian Polish ,home in 1910 Schenectady Ward 9 Schenectady New York USA, Cutter street , Male , immigration year 1881, head of Family, Married, Josephine Selmer, father and Mother's birthplace both Russia, native tongue English, naturalized , married 17 years [=1893] 1910 Joseph was 48 Josephine was 38 dau Sarah was 15 [1895] and dau Isabella was 11

I confused as there seem to be three different couples that immigrated with slightly different surnames for example Selmer Celmer, Colmer, Cegler[-ski/-a.

Would some kind person Please enlighten me ...where is Russian Polish that this couple immigrated to the USA from in 1881 and Sarah birth .....

Trying to find the parents of this couple and Sarah Birth

Tips and suggestion very welcome Thankyou Rick

Hi to the group,

on Ancestry England Marriages 1538-1973 there are two Richard Cragg that I cannot find a copy of the original marriage...need to prove Cragg married Blades....would someone be so kind as to take a look for a copy of either or both marriages Please......Thankyou Rick in Australia

Richd Coragg ..male....spouse Isabel BOND female Marriage 8 July 1776 Kendal, Westmoreland, England...event place ..Old Hutton, Kendal, Westmoreland England source details IT3-P17

Richard Cragg married 1761 Isobel Blades

   7/ Richard Cragg 1732-1771

                                          married 1761 Garstale

                                          Isabel  Blades 1736-1811 

                                           had Issue

                                            8/ Margaret Cragg 1764-1877

                                            8/ Thomas Cragg 1767-1809

                                            8/ John Cragg  died 1777

                                            8/ Richard Cragg b. 1778 old Hutton Westmoreland

                                                 married 1802

                                                 Dorothy Hardcastle 1785-1829R

7 Sept 1812  Thomas, son of Edward and Margaret, of Pantglas

Ive been looking at Ancestry the "Denbighshire Wales Anglican Bap, Marr, Burials 1557-1994"  for other kids belonging to Edward and Margaret and no luck
 This is important as Thomas said he had 3 brothers William John and Richard Richards....however there are two potentials on find my Past Thomas Richards born 1812 Llancadwaladr and a Thomas Richards born 1816..It makes a huge difference having a very likely birth place from the newspaper snippert of the trial, so I think young Gadget may be on the money...Thankyou all
A complement from Australia, ya all worth ya weight in Ice Cream...doesnt get any better than that
Thanks again Rick

Therefore fr means from   so would that mean residence at that time..or... maybe even place of birth????
Im really struggling to find a Thomas Richards born 1814 Llanrhaiadr yn Mochant father was Thomas Richards three brothers William John and Richard

Hi to the Group

Translation Please

Thomas Richards a notorious fr l.lanrhaiadr Muchnant Indicted for stealing watch,and pleaded not guilty, The prisoner got into the....

from Newspaper Shrewsbury Chronicle 14 August 1840  ...Shrewsbury Shropshire England

Snippet from find my past and Im not a subscription holder but searching for Thomas's birth

is llanrhaiadr Muchnant his birth place  and really Llanrhaiadr yn Mochnant Denbighshire Wales...and what does notorious "fr" mean???

Appreciate any help solving this little mystery Please and Thankyou

Rick in Australia

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