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The Common Room / Re: Late death registration puzzle
« on: Yesterday at 20:24 »
All coronors' official reports are closed to the public for 75 years, although next of kin may apply for access.

When an inquest is held into a death, it may not be concluded for months after the date of death.  The coroner is actually the person who registers the death once the inquest is over.  However, in the case of road accidents similar to the one you describe, coroners can issue an interim death certificate to the family to allow the funeral to take place.  I have experience of two such cases: one, a death in December one year, funeral about a week after the death, but registration did not take place until September the following year; the other, a death in February, funeral two weeks later, inquest in May and death registered after that.


Sussex / Re: Maresfield
« on: Monday 12 July 21 16:18 BST (UK)  »
Siblings of Louisa all baptised at Maresfield:

Emma Sarah 6 Sep 1835
Janet 9 Sep 1838
Catherine 19 Dec 1841
Anna Maria 25 May 1845

Janet & Anna Maria both appear in the GRO index.

Friend married Mary Henty 8 May 1834 at St Michael Lewes.  I think you should be able to find that St Michael's PR is available on FamilySearch.

SFHG do have the transcripts of Maresfield and are generally reliable.  Sometimes the handwriting on the original register can be appalling!

Burials at Framfield:
Friend Farrant aged 79 4 Sep 1849 ( - he left a will, proved South Malling 30 Oct 1849 ref PBT 2/1/13/221A - can be viewed on the FamilySearch site here: - quite short )

Friend Farrant aged 21 1 Mar 1852

Ann Farrant's will can be viewed here pr 21 Feb 1854 ref PBT/2/1/13/378:
much longer and with more family names in it.

Burial at Buxted
Friend Farrant aged 64 6 Dec 1867 - this seems to be Louisa's father.

Hope that helps.


Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Re: EDWARDS OF HAMPSHIRE
« on: Wednesday 07 July 21 17:22 BST (UK)  »
The marriage of Thomas & Mary Young in 1745 posted by LizzieL is too early for John to be their son.  There is a gap of 40 years and that would be impossible.   May I ask how you arrived at Thomas & Mary as the parents of John?  At the moment, I'm struggling to find baptisms in the Fareham area for any children with the parents Thomas & Mary.

John was recorded as age 70 at death in 1840, and he seems to have been buried in Wickham (still Fareham RD).  This would put his birth around 1770, not 1784.  Is this the correct John?

Is Elizabeth (widow of John) the one in Fareham in 1851 with a 15 yr old granddaughter Lydia?  She was born in Upham according to that census (HO107/1661/190 p 28).

If this is the correct Elizabeth, then she had a son Henry who married Lydia Troke 17 April 1835 in Winchester, and they were the parents of Lydia, baptised in Fareham 14 Feb 1836.  Other children of Henry & Lydia:
William Henry 24 Sep 1837
Charles ?Stroke  19 Nov 1838
Elizabeth Ann 15 Nov 1840
George b cir 1842/3
Germain b 1846
Henry was a domestic servant.


As far as I am aware, you can still view PDFs on Apple Macs.  I have been exchanging PDFs with a Mac user just this week and they can certainly read them. 

I believe PDF is designed to be ubiquitous - it would make no sense for Apple to exclude it.  I agree with Jon_ni.


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