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Hi Rosie,

Thank you so much for all your help on this.

I don't have a copy of the marriage certificate between Violet and Cecil, but 1921 sounds about right. And Aylesbury is the correct location - that's where me and the rest of my family are from.

I am quite sure on the names Violet Green and Cecil James, however Henry and Emily Green are recent leads so may not be correct.

I was quite sure that Violet and / or Cecil had relocated from London according to family info, but perhaps they didn't?! Back to the drawing board I go! I'll have a look at the Payne lead and see where I get to. It's all so confusing!!

Thanks again for your help!


Hello all,

I'm new to this website (although I've dabbled in tracing my family history a fair amount over the past few years).

On my mother's side, I'd always struggled to get much further than my great grandmother as she was a Romany Gypsy. However, she's been in my thoughts a lot recently for various reasons so I've just picked up trying to trace her again. I've managed to trace her parents (Ihenry Alfred and Emily Helen Sophia Green) but I'm struggling to get further again. It's somewhat unclear whether or not Violet's husband, Cecil, was also Romany. Any information or advice you guys can offer would be a huge help! Details below:

Great grandmother: Violet Clara Green, born c.1902 in London died c.1998 in Buckinghamshire. She married Cecil James born c. 1897, death unknown. At some point, it looks like they relocated to Buckinghamshire and settled there.

Violet's parents were Ihenry Alfred Green, born c.1869, death unknown and Emily Helen Sophia Green
, born c.1872, died c.1948, both of London.

Firstly, I'm intrigued by the name "Ihenry". Has that been misread from the census documentation? I've never heard of it before, and can find very few references to this first name anywhere else online. Has anybody else heard of this name before?

Secondly, if any of you have any information or advice about this particular family line, or just in general, I am all ears (well, eyes, technically speaking, but you know what I mean).

I appreciate that this message is rather long and convoluted! Apologies for that.

Love and light,

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