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Suffolk Lookup Requests / Re: Birth of Harry Jolly
« on: Friday 08 October 21 13:16 BST (UK)  »
Googling 7th Hussars finds them stationed in Norwich from 1905 on their return from the Boer War, so I think this is your man.

Suffolk Lookup Requests / Re: Birth of Harry Jolly
« on: Friday 08 October 21 12:28 BST (UK)  »
I looked at the 1911 form and wondered if someone else had completed it for Alice (or Harry) to write over, and got some of the information mixed up. Do you know if Alice/Harry could read and write? I agree with you and jonw65 that 'Henry' and 'Corby' can't have come from thin air. The other question for me was their ages on the form (23 and 22), which would make them born late 1880s. What does Alice's birth certificate say, and what does their marriage certificate say about their ages when they got married?

It could also be useful to know if Harry himself claimed the link with Bungay, or whether it's only based on the census information. Does their granddaughter know?

Lincolnshire / Re: Hester Wadkin acquitted of bigamy
« on: Wednesday 06 October 21 01:01 BST (UK)  »
Here's the 1861 census reference for Esther in Grantham:

RG09/2350/19 p32

It's strange that there's no trace of her daughter Eliza - there were so many Wadkins in Barkston I'd expect her to be working there or for there to be a death recorded, but nothing.

It's an interesting story - I agree with you and Graham about John Bescoby, that he could well have spent 1848-50 in America, returned around 1851 and then taken off again. Bescoby is such a 'local' name I doubt the 1848 labourer was Irish. No doubt the news JB was around in 1851 travelled from Burton Pedwardine to Barkston, but maybe no more than that - the villages are quite close but feed into different market towns (Sleaford and Grantham).

Good luck with the Wadkin search - I have millers in my tree who jumped across the Trent a couple of times, so I know the challenges...

Lincolnshire / Re: Hester Wadkin acquitted of bigamy
« on: Tuesday 05 October 21 00:11 BST (UK)  »
There is also a notice placed in the Grantham Journal 18 February 1860 by William Taylor saying he will not be answerable for any debts incurred by his wife Esther after this date. Could be connected to the warrant GrahamSimons mentioned.

Lincolnshire / Re: Hester Wadkin acquitted of bigamy
« on: Tuesday 05 October 21 00:02 BST (UK)  »
Could this be Esther in Grantham in 1861?

Esther Taylor, lodger, married, b1826 (age 35) Barkston, Ag Labr's wife.

One of five lodgers at the Jobbers' Arms, 39 Castlegate, Grantham. The publican is a Thomas Taylor born Ancaster (coincidence or not??). There is no sign of Eliza.

Lincolnshire / Re: Hester Wadkin acquitted of bigamy
« on: Monday 04 October 21 16:24 BST (UK)  »
There may be a bit more to it than meets the eye. 1851 census has John Bescoby unmarried b1821 Kirkby la Thorpe working as a farm servant at Burton Pedwardine. It's likely to be the same John as
- there are no other baptisms for a John in the area for that period,
- Mary Bescoby (later Robinson) was baptised in the same church in Kirkby la Thorpe to George and Mary, the same parents as John, in 1822.

It would be fairly easy for the farmer - and the enumerator - to describe the servants on a largish farm as unmarried. So if John went to America after 1851, this could give William a basis for his warrant.

The Louth and North Lincolnshire Advertiser article states that John visited his sister in 1858 before going to America - is this a typo which should read 1848? Or does it contribute to William's deposition?

A John Bescoby aged 33 working at Howell, near Kirkby la Thorpe, was committed to two months imprisonment for larceny at Sleaford on 16 October 1851 - he is noted as 'of Scopwick' but worth looking into?

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / Re: Baptism of Joseph Dickinson born between 1760 and 1792
« on: Saturday 11 September 21 10:21 BST (UK)  »
Mary's entry in the burial register says she was aged 65 at her death in 1791 - if that's right she can't be Joseph's mother. Could you tell us where the 3 April 1791 date comes from? Is it a birth or baptism? Could Joseph have been the child of Hugh and Mary's daughter Mary?

Apologies - misread your prepositions!

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: What is his job title please?
« on: Thursday 22 July 21 00:10 BST (UK)  »
Engine smith

I agree with David's reading of the 1861 census doc - Mary is recorded as coming from Bad(d)ingham, Suffolk. The 'where born' entry appears to have been given some attention i.e. it wasn't familiar to the enumerator, who appears to have checked the spelling (changed an 'e' to an 'a'), and reflected the pronunciation with a double 'd'.

If Mary was from Bedingham, Norfolk, there wouldn't be a need for amendment/annotation. Locals knew the parish - Bungay is the market town - and, by 1861, its accepted spelling. Because it's just off the well-used Norwich road they would know it's the other side of the river which forms the county boundary, and so in Norfolk rather than Suffolk.

That said, Badingham, Suffolk isn't really in the Bungay/Waveney valley orbit - it's much more Framlingham and even Woodbridge, and the main roads from that area lead south and west. But Mary Burrows married James Stone in Haddiscoe, which is actually 8-10 miles beyond Bungay and Mettingham, and not on an obvious route (you have to go either to Beccles or to Bungay to cross the river). As you say, horizons tend to be more limited. Work may have taken James and Mary from Haddiscoe to Mettingham after they married, but what took Mary to Haddiscoe in the first place? Family connections (particularly if her father died when she was a child, as the Badingham records suggest)? Is there any connection with the Burrows family in Haddiscoe at the time, and as David said, what happened to Mary's siblings? That's at least two more problems!

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