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rosie99 - thank you!

I have recently (within last couple of weeks) done an Ancestry DNA test - it will be interesting to see what it shows!

I will order the two certificates for Anthony G and report back to the group when I get them.

Thank you for the clarification!

Any thoughts on Kay99's comment about the entry above Anthony G having the same district and reference number?

Rosie99 - thank you - Victor B was my father and his birth was originally registered in 1927 under his mother's unmarried name and then after she and David G Bunting married in 1931 Dad was registered
under the Legitimacy Act - however I am not clear if he really was Victor's father as the family "story" was he didn't know who his father was. 

Thank you Kay99 and Girl Guide!

Anthony's parents were David G Bunting and Clarice M Smith married in 1931 - being very new to all of this I am not clear what the two marriages have to do with the two birth entries - Girl Guide please could you explain?

Many thanks for your help.

Anthony G Bunting born 1932 Dec Qtr. There are two entries on the GRO; one typed with district of Ashbourne and the other handwritten at bottom of page with district of Wandsworth (please see attached screen shot). Family had connections with both Derbyshire and Wandsworth.

Is one entry a mistake or did parents try to register his birth twice - once in Derbyshire and once in Wandsworth?
Thank you!

Hello Jim1

Thank you for your reply. The death certificate that I have gives the father as "James Bunting" who lived at the same address (9 Stone Street Bilston) William's rank or profession is listed as "iron worker"

I will certainly look at passenger lists to see if there is anyone on them who could be William.

Best wishes

I wonder if anyone can help - I am trying to find when my great great grandfather died.

William Bunting was born in 1863 in Codnor Derbyshire; he was the son of John Bunting and Elizabeth Bullock and lived at Waingroves Derbyshire.

He married Jane Gregory at the parish church Pentrich Derbyshire in Jan 1885 and the 1891 census lists them as living at Waingroves; at this time they had 1 daughter Christina Betsy Bunting. A second daughter Minnie Bunting was born in 1892 and a son David Gregory Bunting in 1893.

In 1893 William appeared at Heanor Petty Sessions for assaulting his wife.

The 1901 census lists Jane (his wife) as "head of house" and a widow. David's school record from 1900 list his father as "dead".  Subsequent marriage certificates for Minnie and David list their father as deceased although Chritina's wedding certificate doesn't.

I got a certificate for a William Bunting who died in 1897 in the neighboring county but the information on it shows that it is not "my" William Bunting!

Any advice as to the best way to establish when and where he died would be really helpful!

I think I have just found Alfred transcribed as Edwards

I have re-attached the wedding cert image - sorry!

Girl Guide
- I think Alfred C Edmonds married Alice Maddocks  in 1867 - I have attached the relevant information but I cant find the corresponding information for Alfred. 

avm228 - I did manage to trace Arthur to a road within walking distance of where Mabel Florence and her family were living according to the 1901 census- wasn’t have sure if it was just a coincidence!

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