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Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: James Towe
« on: Friday 21 August 20 13:19 BST (UK)  »
John registed the births here in Melbourne as they were all born here, and his Marriage was also here in Melbourne.  He was listed as a Yoeman and Market Gardner.

Thanks again

Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: James Towe
« on: Thursday 20 August 20 11:52 BST (UK)  »
You asked about the Notts connection, I have copies of copies of John's children born here in Australia where in the space for Father;s Place he answere Nottingham 4 of the 6, Hampshire to one and no details to one.  I assumed he thought the question must have been for HIS father, then with the last he himself, is that a possibility?

Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: James Towe
« on: Wednesday 19 August 20 12:58 BST (UK)  »
Evening again.  I have a poor copy of John and Rose's Marriage Certificate.  They were married in Melbourne 1851 John was 28.  John was transporte to Tasmania at age 17, and the Tasmanian records state his homw place as Hampshire. Thedre has also been mixed naming through the years od Towe. Tow Tower etc.  Beyound that date all I have is hearsay and in myn late 80's there are no older family members to call upon.   I am relying upon much younger familys input.  I have several copies from a long dead Towe member that show John, his sisters Jane and Elizabeth and brother Joseph.
John B: 21.10.1823.  with a GFHL Film No  1596294  Ref ID item 1p289. The others also have similar recordings, and a copy of the Marriage of William and Jane Collins 1.11.1820  St Marys Portsea. Hamps. but this shows no other details.  I dont have a lot do I?   Keith

Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: James Towe
« on: Tuesday 18 August 20 05:16 BST (UK)  »
Thank you both, oh, why is it such a fragmented family.


Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: James Towe
« on: Monday 17 August 20 11:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi Annie 65115 and thanks for your interest.
The line I am following is what some family have recorded and I have no Provenance until a John in Hampshire B: 1823.
The James I speak about is supposed to have a son John B 1769 Notts, he and Sarah Goulding in turn had a son William B 1802, he and Jane Collins had a son John B 1823 in Portsea Hamps, That John and Rose Murphy had a son Joseph B 1856 in Melbourne.  The rest is well recorded.
Although I am getting on in age, I have only been interested in this side of our family History for a couple of years, using our Library here to search, but it has been closed up since April. 
Regards  Keith

Nottinghamshire / Re: James Towe
« on: Saturday 15 August 20 10:12 BST (UK)  »

Nottinghamshire / James Towe
« on: Friday 14 August 20 13:25 BST (UK)  »
I am not sure how to reply to people who replied to my TOWE post ?  but thank you for making the effort.  Keith

Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests / James Towe
« on: Thursday 13 August 20 11:48 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for allowing an old man search for his 3G.Grandfather. 
James Towe was born in Basford Notts 1743.  For many yeras we have been trying to find his parents without success.  Any advive would be very much appreciated.  Keith Towe. Melbourne. Australia.

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