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England / Re: Jane Knill-Pugin
« on: Wednesday 13 January 21 18:16 GMT (UK)  »
I am quite sure that due to the length of time since you posted your question, you have found out much more about Jane Pugin, nee Knill.
But just in case you haven't - her father was Thomas Knill - born abt 1777, died 22nd June 1833. He died at Tipton Hall, Hereford.
John Knill was her uncle who adopted her when her father died. She was 8yrs old when adopted and she was taken to London to live with John Knill.

Radnorshire / Re: Wilding/Llangullo & a lady believed in their service!
« on: Tuesday 01 September 20 17:02 BST (UK)  »
Thanks all
@Talacharn I am aware of the 1871 census returns you have very kindly posted. It is on behalf of one of these children's relatives that I am doing the research. I have found that Richard varies his location of birth a bit when providing information for the census, but I am happy that they are the right family as there aren't too many Lechmeres around.
@Trish1120 - fantastic bit of detective work - I think it probably is a brother which gives me a little more to work with.
@Mabel Bagshawe - thanks so much for finding that - as far as I'm aware, most of Richards children more or less all became farming folk, so there stands a good chance that is where it all started.
Thank you!

Radnorshire / Wilding/Llangullo & a lady believed in their service!
« on: Sunday 30 August 20 21:26 BST (UK)  »
My first time here and I'm after some help/advice, please?
I am researching a family tree on behalf of a family friend and I am looking for pointers on how to find any information on a lady called Elizabeth Owen(s), born about 1803 (assuming she was 21 when her son was born, she could have been much younger and location of birth unknown).
She had a son called John Owen in about 1824, Bromfield, Herefordshire.
The family of John Owen(s) believe that his mother was in service as a housekeeper or similar in a place called Pennyclaud (no idea of the correct spelling), Llangullo with a family called Wilding and John was illegitimate as a result of a liaison (forced or consensual) between his mother and one of the Wilding men.
I am an experienced family tree researcher, but due to the years of birth and locations that are unfamiliar to me, I'm struggling to make any headway. I do not know if John had any siblings, so can't find him via that circuitous route.
I have a marriage cert from 1852 where he married a lady called Harriet Webb in Hatfield where he lists his father as being William Owens a farmer (the family think this is a fake name), with the bride coming from Hatfield and the groom coming from Richards Castle, Salop.
Due to the lack of 'official' documentation from anything prior to 1837, I am happy to admit defeat, but not before I've asked a few questions to those who might know.
Any thoughts would be most gratefully received.
Thank you.

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