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Ag Labs at lunch in the field

Amazing edit, thank you so much! X

The second is easier to date as it has women in it.
This one is Edwardian & probably around 1905-10.
The first is more difficult as these are men in working clothes
who would have dressed like this over decades.
The quality is quite good so I would suggest 1920's/30's.

Thank you so much. This is really helpful! :)

Lena, please put different requests on their own topics. Otherwise we get very confused ??? ??? ???

     or at least I do ;D ;D ;D ;D

That's what i thought i was doing, it wasn't until someone posted an edit of the farm house i realised my mistake  ;D :-[

Apologies again and thanks for those wonderful edits!! xx

Ahh that would be why.

I have no idea how to link it? I have posted them to my William James Englandís profile on ancestry if you can access them on there? Itís called Garner/Coleman Tree

Iíve been trying to do it but itís not giving me an option to upload the images. Any ideas?

Just paid for his death certificate and realised that I had already purchased it last month  >:( anyway, here it is....

So sorry for the confusion! ??? Ive got myself all muddled up with my 2 posts.  I had posted this looking for this photo of my grandad on his motorbike to be dated and the tear restored and had another topic trying to date the 2 farm photos.  Apologies again, i think my brain is melting with all the ancestry research lately.  Thank you for your wonderful edits!! They are amazing.

Lena x

Farm house again x

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