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Glamorganshire / Re: Hawkins of Lavernock
« on: Thursday 19 November 20 16:47 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks, I would never have found it under that spelling, good tip to just search on first name place born and and date, i will remember that.

Glamorganshire / Hawkins of Lavernock
« on: Thursday 19 November 20 16:07 GMT (UK)  »
I have been searching the 1891 census for the Hopkins family of Farmers in Lavernock Glamorgan with no success. I have found them at Lower Cosmeston farm, Lavernock in 1881, 1901,1911 census and 1939 register.  In 1901  John Hopkins 73,Mary Ann 50,Mary 25,William 24,Catherine 21,Thomas 20,Richard 17, Llewellyn 13.  I am presuming the Hopkins name has been misspelt but have tried a number of variations but still no good. Any suggestions for how I might find this family would be most welcome.

Lincolnshire / Re: Hilda Maree Olsen
« on: Wednesday 01 July 20 15:36 BST (UK)  »
Have found the 1881 census 60 Holles Street Great Grimsby, the address Hilda gave on her marriage certificate in 1886. Also the same address on the death certificates for Hilda and her son David William. The informant on David's certificate is the same woman that was living next door as recorded on the 1881 census. But Hilda is not living at 60 Holles Road in 1881. So where was she?

Cannot find Hilda on the 1881 census anywhere so it looks as if she was not in Grimsby when the census was taken. Her husband William can be found on the 1881 census as a boarder in a house in Grimsby. Look like she came to Grimsby after 1881?

The search continues.......

Lincolnshire / Re: Charles Westin
« on: Wednesday 01 July 20 15:25 BST (UK)  »
No I have not seen these sites, so very interesting, thanks for sending them. Good job Claes jumped ship otherwise he may still have been working on this schooner !!

Lincolnshire / Re: Charles Westin
« on: Monday 29 June 20 15:48 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the further information.

Looking online I found the following which might be the Schooner Prosper that Claes jumped ship.

Here in Spårösund in 1865 the schooner Prosper sank on its way to Västervik.
There was a very strong wind when Prosper entered this narrow passage and Prosper bounced into the cliff near the customs house and continued through the passage while the water was rising under deck. Prosper grounded again at the north point and sunk there. The wreck is still standing on the bottom at 18 m depth today.

Lincolnshire / Re: Charles Westin
« on: Thursday 25 June 20 15:18 BST (UK)  »
Yes I think you are right with the way the words are written and the way the letters are similar.  So we will decide he jumped ship in Newry in 1859. The next record I have of him is when he turns up in Cardiff in 1861 (after the census date) and marries my Gr Gr Aunt Elizabeth aged 17. On the marriage certificate he records himself as a "Sailor". I wonder, when he got a job as a sailor out of Cardiff Docks, whether there were any checks about his previous employment and his "jumping ship"

By 1870 there is a newspaper report of a person stealing trousers from aCardiff  Clothes Outfitters shop owned by a Charles Westin and the 1871 census records him as an Outfitter living in the Docks area of Cardiff.

Lincolnshire / Re: Charles Westin
« on: Wednesday 24 June 20 15:45 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the 1 Resan as I thought it was Ireland given I thought Claes jumped ship in Newry. Not sure now if that is correct as on the record you send there is an obscured letter in front of it. Also what does Ryoudi2 mean if I have read it right, it is the word above Ewry.

Lincolnshire / Re: Hilda Maree Olsen
« on: Wednesday 24 June 20 12:33 BST (UK)  »
Having looked on the census records the only Olsen family living in Grimsby is an Ole Theodor Olsen but no sign of Hilda with them.

Ole Theodor Olsen  born 1839

1871  Living in Grimsby Lincolnshire aged 32 a Compass Adjuster and Flag maker. Born Christianlund (not sure of  spelling) Norway
Wife Ann aged 33 born Swansea
Rosa 6, Lily 5, Arent? 3, Violet 1,  mother is Darther born Norway aged 75

1881 Living in Grimsby
Ole is a Nautical Instrument Maker
living with his wife Ann, Violet 11, Theodore 9, Christian 7

1891 Ole living in Grimsby with a new wife Elizabeth, born in Gloucester and son Christian and Nephew Yews Jacobson from Norway

1901 Ole and Elizabeth living in Grimsby, no children with them

1911 Ole and Elizabeth living in Grimsby and married 28 years (1883)  Ole is now a Compiler and publisher of fishermans nautical almanac.

This Ole  Olsen is 17 years older that our Hilda and Hilda is not living with this family on all the census records.  This is the only Olsen family living in Grimsby so if Hilda came over from Norway to Grimsby maybe she chose Grimsby because of this family who she might be connected to???

Lincolnshire / Re: Charles Westin
« on: Wednesday 24 June 20 12:31 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks for the records you have found. Where Claes jumped ship, under Ewry July 1859 is the word Irelan. Do you think this is Ireland and maybe the Swedish spelling. Also Claes was a Jungman on the ship, any idea what that is?

I wonder if Claes and his two ship mates went out for a few beers, got drunk and missed the sailing of their ship when they went back to the port, we shall never know!

Thanks again for your continued support

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