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Added second photo of the extract for clarity.

A single page has survived of a New Testament in the Gaelic which belonged to Alexander Smith my GGGrandfather born 1806 in Skye of Curr near Grantown on Spey.

The page has handwritten notes of his parents, marriage and children.

His father James Smith is described as ‘Tenementer’, and I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this description and would welcome comments.

From -

- the term meant the holder of a Feu of land in a village.

Would this have been granted in some way by a ‘Superior’ presumably the Earl of Seafield who was, and still is, the major landowner in the area?

If that is the case could there have been subtenants who paid rents or feuduty and would have been bound by feuing conditions?

Moray (Elginshire) / Re: libindx
« on: Wednesday 29 November 23 13:50 GMT (UK)  »
I used it last week but couldn’t get onto it today. I’ve just spoken with Moray Council who confirmed there is an IT issue at the moment which will be looked into.

Should have said that I like the borders you’ve added as well which beautifully enhance the image, thank you again.

Remiss of me not to respond sooner but thank you very much Treetotal. I also like the subtle contrast you’ve added which still keeps the original feel of the photo, I imagine my Grannie would have been very happy with it.



Thank you so much to everyone who has been kind enough to produce such beautiful and sensitive restorations.

It would be a pleasure to buy each and everyone one of you a dram or whatever else you’d prefer if you’re ever up here in Morayshire!



You read my mind! I’ll get in touch with Balmoral to find out.

The late Queen used to be woken up by a piper, wonder if the King has continued the tradition?

Just to say I’ve now been sent a copy of William Ross’s will from the site CarolW provided (thank you) which only took a few days, so a happy experience and actually very good value for money.

William Ross was a GGreat Uncle by marriage. Not sure if the will is of general interest but I am happy to give a link if I/someone can figure out how to do it.

Amongst other things he bequeathed his bagpipes to Queen Victoria for display at Balmoral Castle with a fallback if she didn’t want them!

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