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Kiltaglassen possibly found it when searching for someone else in 2014 since it's posted under unwanted certificates but it's now online-

Antrim / Re: Help tracing a relative please?
« on: Today at 17:41 »
May have found more relatives for you  :)

Starting with newspapers- searched for 'Donnelly' and 'Whitehall Court' in Befast papers and came across a snippet-
Irish News & Belfast Morning News, 25 Sept.1903: ...Donnelly, Daniel, 16 Whitehall Court. ...

Which led to a death- Daniel Donnelly, age 39, married, weaver, of Whitehall Court but died of pulmonary tuberculosis in Belfast Workhouse-

Then the marriage- 18 July 1892 Daniel Donnelly, of 43 Pound St, to Sarah Hart. His father Michael Donnelly (living), carter but Daniel's occupation given as teacher  :-\

There's this Michael Donnelly, a carter, living in the area but too young-

More to follow...

Donegal / Re: William Allen, Burt Donegal
« on: Today at 12:46 »
in the 1901/11 James Allen doesnt appear Same for the 1911 census
Birth of son William shows father as James McC. Allen, grazier-
Birth of daughter Catherine Ellen Allen shows father as James McCutchan Allen, gentleman-
Birth of daughter Margaret Edwards shows father as James McCutchen Allen, farmer-

Daughter Frances Amelia- father James McCutcheon Allen-

It did come up When inputting Bernayd Watterson. One would think it would come up when using just Watterson in Ireland in 1893.

Comes up for me by putting in just 'Watterson' and 1893 as the year.

Donegal / Re: William Allen, Burt Donegal
« on: Today at 12:10 »
I am not sure if Mary Ann would be the brother to William Allen (my 3 times great gradnfather), William Allen was a saddler living in Burt (my 3 times great grandfather).
I'm sure Mary could not possibly be the brother of William (or anyone else for that matter)  ;D

I meant I cant make out James Allen father William Allen's job on the wedding certifcate that was the one i meant
James (middle name Mc_) was a landowner and father William Allen a grazier.

This James doesnt appear on the census but the wife Ellen does
Which census and where?

Ireland / Re: Irish Census
« on: Today at 12:00 »
Family Search is very much like Ancestry,it's very American centric,so all names/places will revert to the American version of it.

Sometimes they just move from one part of Ireland to another  ::)
A whole chunk of records from Ballymoney, County Antrim for years have shown up as Ballymoney, Cork but it has gotten worse more recently.

Tyrone / Re: Bridget Rabbitt Revisited
« on: Today at 11:48 »
If her husband was long dead and she lived most of her married life in America it would not be unusual that there's no mention of the husband.


The Common Room / Re: Deliberately damaged photos
« on: Today at 11:35 »
One of our family photos was taken outside their shop but neighbour's child must have wandered into the picture so someone took a pen and hatched out the face.

There's another family photo of my great-grandparents with their 10 children. It was taken a few years after the mother died but the photographer has added her face neck & shoulders at the back so that the family is complete.

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