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Wexford / Re: James Tobin & Margaret Dunbar
« on: Wednesday 24 August 22 19:02 BST (UK)  »
Wexflyer, your assumption could be correct. I didn't discount that possibility, and I did investigate it some time ago, without any luck.
I can't think of anywhere else to investigate.
Once again thanks for your help & suggestions  :)

Wexford / Re: James Tobin & Margaret Dunbar
« on: Tuesday 23 August 22 19:47 BST (UK)  »
The source of my information is the NLI Parish Registers.
I have checked Marriages in Ferns from 1819 & Baptisms from 1819 to 1844.
I think it is unlikely that I have missed any Baptisms, especially given that the family was still resident in the Ferns area, at the time of Sarah's marriage in 1857.

I would say that my research has hit a dead end, and I am unlikely to discover when/where James & Margaret were born. With regard to their marriage, I have to assume that the priest failed to record it in the Register. As it wasn't mandatory to register a death, then it is unlikely I will discover when/where James died.

Wexford / Re: James Tobin & Margaret Dunbar
« on: Tuesday 23 August 22 13:02 BST (UK)  »
I wouldn't disagree with your conclusion, Wexflyer.
Thanks again for your help  :)

Wexford / Re: James Tobin & Margaret Dunbar
« on: Monday 22 August 22 15:35 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for your help, Wexflyer :)

Wexford / Re: James Tobin & Margaret Dunbar
« on: Monday 22 August 22 14:11 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for your responses, Wexflyer.
Yes I was aware of the 1824 Tithe Valuation for James Tobin in Ballybeg & also the Griffiths Valuation in Bolabeg, though neither one is conclusive.
Is Ballybeg & Bolabeg one and the same?
With regard to the Baptisms - Coolbawn was the residence for Thomas (1832); no residence recorded for Sarah (1833); Crory was the residence for Margaret (1836).
My best guess would be that Peggy Tobin (nee Dunbar) moved to Ballyvaloo after Jem's death, to be nearer to her son (Thomas) and daughter (Margaret).
Sarah Prandy (nee Tobin) was living in Hill Street, Wexford at that time.
That's about as much as I can tell you  :)

Wexford / Re: James Tobin & Margaret Dunbar
« on: Sunday 21 August 22 16:37 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for your response.
The 3 children that I found were all baptised in Ferns.
Thomas - 15th January 1832 - Sponsors: Tom & Catherine Dunbar
Sarah (Sally) - 9th December 1833 - Sponsors: Mick Dunbar & Dolly Doran
Margaret - 8th September 1836 - Sponsors: James Dunbar & Mary Murphy

Margaret's marriage on 24th February 1865 to Moses Doyle, James Tobin's occupation is not listed - both spouses residences were recorded as Kilmacoe, Screen.
Thomas' marriage on 9th October 1871 to Margaret Doyle (sister of Moses Doyle), James Tobin's occupation is recorded as 'Labourer' - both spouses were resident in Kilmacoe, Screen.
Sarah married in Ferns (residence: Woodlands) to William Prandy in 2nd August 1857.

James Tobin is not recorded as 'Deceased' on Margaret's marriage in 1865, but is recorded as 'Deceased' on Thomas' marriage in 1871.

Margaret (Peggy) Dunbar died (widow) on 28th September 1871 in Ballyvaloo - Moses Doyle (son-in-law) was present at her death.

I have been unable to discover any further information on James Tobin, elsewhere.


Wexford / James Tobin & Margaret Dunbar
« on: Friday 08 July 22 18:06 BST (UK)  »
Am enquiring if anyone has any information concerning James (Jem) Tobin and Margaret (Peggy) Dunbar. As best as I can establish they lived in the Ballycarney area of Ferns in the 1830's, and were likely married in 1830/1831, though there is no record of the marriage in Ferns.
With regard to James Tobin, I have been unable to discover when or where he was born. He most likely died (my best guess) between 1865 and 1871.
I do know that Margaret Tobin died in Ballyvaloo on 28th September 1871, but as to when or where she was born I have no idea.
I have all the relevant information of the children born of the marriage (at least the ones that I've discovered) - Thomas (1832-1877), Sarah (1833-1891 and Margaret (1836-1916).
Anyone out there able to help?
Thank You :)

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Anne Holebrook
« on: Tuesday 21 June 22 14:22 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Sinann, for your quick response.  :)
Yes, I am aware of Meelnagh, and IF Anne Holebrook was born there, then she was baptised in Kilmuckridge, and that being the case, those records are gone forever, - destroyed during the fire in the PROI in 1922.
John Holebrook was, I suspect, a village constable (pre RIC - 1837) in Oulart, - there was a police barracks located there during that time. I've taken note of Abbeyleix, and I will definitely follow that up.
I also believe that my great-great grandfather, James Murphy was from Oulart, and that he returned there, with his young daughters, after the death of his first wife.

I will keep searching, and hope for a breakthrough.
Thanks again  :)

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Anne Holebrook
« on: Monday 20 June 22 18:34 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for your reply. I do have their marriage certificate. Do you have any further information, - i.e. when she was born/baptised, and where?
The information that I have, is as follows:
Anne was Church of Ireland.
3 children were born of the marriage in Wexford.

Anne is my great-great grandmother.
I can find no record of when or where she died.

Thank you again.

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