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Sounds like more time can be spent sorting out other peopleís wrong trees than doing oneís own research.  :)

Might the St Mary Magdalene Church near Regentís Park/Euston Station be a more likely church for your family? *

Where did you get the information about the baptisms? Was it from an index/transcribed, or have you seen an image of the original records?

Reason I ask is that sometimes place names are allocated to the wrong location, even country, as if the wrong place was chosen from a pull down menu. Itís a fairly common name for a church.

I would check this first if I were you.  :)

Added: I see Pauline is thinking along the same lines.

* Looking again at this, it might be too late for your family.

Posted in error.

Northumberland / Re: Blyth, Church Street
« on: Yesterday at 07:19 »
I suggest finding your ancestors on a couple of censuses, then looking at he neighbouring addresses and try to follow the enumeratorís route to see if any streets or other landmarks still exist today. Tracing the route on an old map can be helpful, in particular he NLS side by side view.

Wigtownshire / Re: help to remove my posts
« on: Yesterday at 06:29 »
Iím not sure that a moderator will remove all of someoneís threads.

Threads are usually left in case someone comes along at a later date with the same query, or someone is researching the same families, and a thread contains useful information which may help them or perhaps a way to make contact with distant relatives.

You could contact them to request removal but it may be refused, especially if itís a time consuming process.  :)

This might put it into perspective - Ancestryís regions and number of people in the reference panels:

As you can see, the numbers are not large in many cases, and regions are very general (and broad) in some examples, so not surprising some ethicities are lumped in with others. Itís more of a ďbest guessĒ really.

 Average estimate seems to be 5 to 8 generations but it probably varies.

Donít take too much notice of ethnicity percentages. At best they are a rough guide. You could drive yourself mad looking for your 10% Swedish, and those percentages are going to change over time as more people take DNA tests.  :)

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Surname in 1620 Baptism Register
« on: Saturday 28 January 23 23:45 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Arthur. I now see that the end Isabel looks similar to Nathaniel on the line above, which I hadnít noticed before.

No. No offence taken Janet. I just wanted to offer a reason why there may have only been one reply at the time.  :)

Presumably you have already looked for other children born to ďBastettĒ in case the name is clearer?

I was thinking about the 1939 register and census too Cell. Not to mention that very recent UK births .deaths and marriages are available on sites such as Ancestry.

Presumably TNA view a long deceased service personís medical records as being more sensitive than a birth record from 1990 giving motherís maiden name? There are many other examples of easily accessible personal information.

We have strict cut off dates to access births (100 years), deaths (30 years) and marriages (75 years) but 115 years is excessive!

I am convinced it has little nothing to do with privacy and a lot to do with other factors.

Not sure if petitions are effective (doubtful) but might that be worth consideration?

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