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Bonfires in the woods Roobarb? Wouldn't that have the potential to cause a larger fire, especially if it is close to vegetation. It is a shame that the area can't be policed.

Glad you caught up with some of your Oz contingent MH.  :)

I agree with you about Line of Duty MH. We had to go back to the previous episode for a recap, then pause the programme a couple of times to discuss what was going on. Still, I am enjoying it.

Have you made contact with your Oz rellies since Easter MH? I’m not sure how the weather is down south, but they do say you can get “four seasons in one day” in Melbourne, and that probably includes other parts of Victoria. Your woodland walks sound wonderful.  :)

Roobarb, it makes me angry to hear about your idyllic countryside being spoiled by littering. If this is an area for repeat offending the authorities may need to instal security or lighting to deter the culprits. It must have been very odd seeing snow after your recent warm days. The weather seems to be quite peculiar for many of you.

Oh dear Caroline, now I have a craving for rhubarb and lemon curd.  :) Good news about the negative covid test. Let’s hope your daughter’s back is on the mend.

Diana, using very ripe bananas is definitely the key to successful bakes with bananas. It is so annoying to lose keys. This happened to me a few months back with a single key during a dog walk (already mentioned on a diary thread I think so sorry for going over old ground)  - I retraced my steps at least three times, but couldn’t find it. A few days later I saw it on the ground in a spot I had already looked several times. It might be worth your husband going back over the area in a day or so. I would also look on top of any fences or walls because if people find something they tend to put it up off the ground near where they find it.

I liked ‘The Capture’.

I can just picture all the spring flowers sprouting in your gardens. It must be a wonderful sight.

A quiet day for me. I visited my father and did some washing. Watched a two parter “The Moorside” starring Sheridan Smith - true story - amazing. Well worth watching.

Met the new puppy who lives in the house behind us. Looks like a clone of the other dog they have- also still a puppy about 8 months old. Extremely friendly, mouthy, both jumping out of their skin with excitement. I don’t know what breed they are - slightly ugly, short white fur, brown patches, pink rimmed eyes, possibly Staffordshire bull terriers or a cross. Older one is female, baby is a male so I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be more puppies quite soon.

Also met the mad labradoodle on our daily dog walk. He came bounding towards us with his lead dragging on the scared me because I wouldn’t trust him not to run onto the road. Owner eventually retrieved the lead. Dog is very excitable but cute as can be. A bit later I spied someone walking a beagle on the other side of the road so steadied myself in anticipation of my dog going barking crazy. She saw it but completely ignored it. Not bothered at all.

Weather was a bit more pleasant and not as hot, though it was sunny of course.  :)

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Saturday 10th April.
« on: Yesterday at 23:44 »
That’s the trouble with getting in early in the diary threads - there are so many posts after, and so many comments I want to make.

Keep is informed about how you are feeling after the second jab Caroline. It’s a bit scary not knowing how you might react to the jobs. Some sail through and some are very poorly.

There is still a lot of talk here about the merits, and otherwise, of the two vaccinations we will have in this country. We have had supply issues, and they are saying it could be a couple of years before everyone is offered the jab. Still, if we continue to control the spread here, then we are in not so much of a rush to roll it out. Now there is talk of the vaccination not being effective against new variants of covid.  ::)

My OH also has a bad back Caroline. He has a few issues with his spine. When he is laid up I think I suffer almost as much as he does.  ;D I sympathise with your daughter as I have also had a bad back, though comparatively minor I think. I found the exercises give good relief - there are lots of suggestions on the internet.

Viktoria, I am so pleased that the horse seems better. Lovely that FH can visit regularly - that will be positive for both of them. You made me smile with your wrinkle cream story.  :) I’m sure you will look gorgeous after your haircut - and there will be no need to worry about a couple of wrinkles. Perhaps you could consider a procedure or two - a nip and a tuck - and maybe some lip fillers to give yourself a young modern look.  ;D

Prince Philip’s funeral sounds like it will be just as he wished. I see that Harry has returned already. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall during the family conversations, but we’ll probably find out what was said from Oprah Winfrey or her pal Gayle whatshername.  ;D  I think I would be recording everything if I were a member of the Royal Family.  ;D

I wonder if this might be Fortess Terrace:

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Saturday 10th April.
« on: Yesterday at 10:43 »
It sounds like you had an uplifting day MH, and time spent outdoors when the weather is nice must cheer you up. The Royal pomp and ceremony is certainly very stirring, despite the sad circumstances. An historic event.

I was comandiered to ferry my daughter to the physio on Saturday morning. All went well, she seems to have gained more movement and has less back pain, so good news. She has exercises and other rules to follow.  :)

Other daughter and partner visited for a late lunch.

Day was quite hot - around 35 degrees. Unpleasant.

Dog walk was uneventful thank goodness but I kept it short as it was hot.

Nothing else to report.

The Common Room / Re: Changed her name then she was a he
« on: Yesterday at 10:12 »
Without looking into it in detail, first thought is that Francis the labourer could be a relative of Frances. Brother, cousin or perhaps there is some other connection.

I’m sure someone will be able to solve the mystery fairly quickly, but if not, I will have another look at it later.   :)

Added: sorry I misunderstood. I am distracted atm. Will look again later.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Lucy's Building
« on: Yesterday at 05:27 »
I did some sesrching for Lucy’s Building last night my time, but had to give up due to how late it was getting, and not having any success - despite searching several maps I could not find it marked on any.

Those places you mention Maddys52, Laystall St, Vine St, plus a couple more, are included in the 1851 census book along with Lucy’s Building where Samuel Button was living. The area enumerated seems to have been quite a small one of five or six roads/ appears that there was a high population in the area, which seems to tally with the descriptions in Maddy’s findings.

I haven’t yet exhausted all searches, so will return to the search again later if no one manages to locate it in the mean time.

The vicinity:

Maybe the description in maddy’s post might help narrow it down.

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