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I think it might be useful to see what is above the line as well. Though unclear, there may be some superscript, which you have cut off, which may relate to the word.  :)

Added: It may be the name of a specific house rather than a ‘kind of house’.  ;D

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: I am puzzled
« on: Saturday 31 July 21 02:38 BST (UK)  »
If their grandfather was born in Ireland, he can probably be classed as Irish.  ;D

Ethnic percentages are not be be relied upon, and are generally just for interest, despite the advertising you see. Some people find the percentages relate quite accurately to what they know about their ancestors, but others not so. It relates to sample populations and other criteria that the companies use to categorise the results. The percentages also change over time.

There was a lot of movement between Scotland and Ireland so that may go some way to accounting for the 50% “Scottish”.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: I am puzzled
« on: Friday 30 July 21 23:20 BST (UK)  »
The simple explanation could be that the family lived in Ireland, had a couple of children there, but earlier generations hailed from elsewhere, however I found this which might offer some insight:

An internet search will find many articles on “Irish DNA”.

Good work mckha.  :)

I had a try but had many more -blanks- than you.  It sounds like a complex family familysleuth. Quite sad.

The sloping writing is the most difficult to read.

Although the new images are a lot more legible, it is still a little blurry so the detail of much of the small running writing is lost (on my iPad at least).  :)

A start
Top document:
In sloping writing - something I can’t make out and mention of husband’s letter of 22-12-05.

Further History:
Locked herself in the Masonic Hall and refused to allow the
caretaker to enter. She struck a constable over the head with
a hammer.
She was a patient here from July 3rd to August 23rd 1901.


Unless I am doing something wrong, when I zoom in, they are just a blur.

Could you post clearer images please.   :)

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Fruit painting/Seeking deciphering
« on: Thursday 29 July 21 13:07 BST (UK)  »
May I ask what leads you to believe this work is from the 1800s or earlier?

To me it looks like an amateur work much more recent than the 1800s, though I don’t have the work in front of me to make an accurate judgement.

I don’t think that the style of signature, the subject matter or the medium suggest 1800s.

Karen’s suggestion looks good to me …. Although it may not be her usual subject matter, perhaps it is one of her early works, or a study piece.  :-\

Northumberland / Re: Can anyone read this place?
« on: Thursday 29 July 21 11:01 BST (UK)  »
What was the document where this place name was written? I am wondering if it was a child’s birth for example, maybe other children’s births will give the same place name.

It looks like
W, M or N - arre (or i) nser

I couldn’t see anything vaguely like it on Genuki.  :-\

Added: you have now answered the question. It’s actually quite legible, though first letter is not obvious - the place name is just not recognisable. Saying the word might help, because it would have been written as heard.

If he died in Australia have you found an obituary for him? Did his wife and children ever join him in Australia?

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: CM Generations?
« on: Wednesday 28 July 21 09:34 BST (UK)  »
I was going to say the same as you about generations aghadowey. I’m 7 years older than my OH but his father and my grandfather were born around the same year.

I’m also not sure your 40cm equalling 3 or 4x great grandparent generation can be relied upon.

Yes, most definitely test your mother. Her results should be useful but keep in mind that weird things can happen. A simple example ... My father has some matches that I do not have, but my daughter does, or she has a higher cm match with someone than I do (as mentioned previously).  :)

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