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Sutherland / Re: Looking for George Polson's parents
« on: Friday 15 July 22 11:02 BST (UK)  »
I'm reading through from Late last night again
When I had a thought my very distant cousin I found from New Zealand wrote a family book Kith and Kin
A long time ago I entered about one of our relative on Rootschat regarding the Polson family she replies within minutes of my posting and sent me the book

Its been very helpful .
We have met both here in the UK when they  visited Scotland and spent the night with us  and in New Zealand too while on a cruise we met her husband who took me to my great Uncles grave. I emailed her last night and had a quick reply with two pages of The Polson family this morning  .Little did I know some items I have been looking for are in the book
So once more thank you all for your reply posts

as said I never copy anyone else's family I must have spent a fortune in credits from S/P .But I keep my documents in folders and don't mind helping other family members

Forfarian I remember you telling me this before about errors made on other sites
Many thanks no dought Ill be back for more help


Sutherland / Re: Looking for George Polson's parents
« on: Thursday 14 July 22 08:22 BST (UK)  »
Some one has got his death in Ancestry on my family tree and the wrong family George and Helen
I am annoyed at that

I found that late last night so will have another look later

Thank you for this information

Sutherland / Re: Looking for George Polson's parents
« on: Wednesday 13 July 22 20:19 BST (UK)  »
Sorry about that Carol she is the widow of George


Sutherland / Re: Looking for George Polson's parents
« on: Wednesday 13 July 22 17:15 BST (UK)  »
I have just got the death certificate of Isabella Polson from S/P  wife of George Polson
Her parents are Donald McKay and Marion no maiden name given
12/6/1867 aged 82 old age informant is son Peter she died at West Helmsdale

Most of my family came from Helmsdale so I think I'm on the right track

I also have McKay's and MacKay's in my tree

Thank you Colin

Sutherland / Re: Looking for George Polson's parents
« on: Wednesday 13 July 22 16:21 BST (UK)  »
Did you check Ancestry trees?  Tree  shows parents as George & Helen nee Sutherland

Thank you Carole I have already this family in my tree
This George is linked to another Polson family I have
They have one daughter Ellan that I can see  she dies in 1855 I have her family shown on her death certificate from S/P Its very odd to get this and its was difficult to print off ..Her husband is A William MacKay
Thanks again for you reply


Sutherland / Looking for George Polson's parents
« on: Wednesday 13 July 22 13:12 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone find George Polson's Parents please I think I've tried everywhere
George Married Isobel McKay n 13.4.1809 Kildonan Sutherland

I am following up his Son Donald Polson b 22.1.1810 d 22.1.1858 West Helmsdale informant to the death is his son Alex .      I have siblings yet for Donald

What I have is Donald married Barbara McLeod I don't have a date for this marriage
Their family so far is
John b 1835
Alexander b 1839
George ???
and Isabella b 1837 ,and the death for Barbara

Barbara's death aged 11 months 21.9.1858  ( this seems odd ) informant is Brother John
Barbara parents are Donald and Barbara
Note the death of Donald is the same year as the baby

Any help will be appreciated as I have Polson's in my family and want to link George to them

Sutherland / Re: Help with Isabella Sutherland born McIntosh
« on: Wednesday 13 July 22 12:41 BST (UK)  »
Thank you on her death certificate was the informant
Son John  This led me to more of the family
Thank you

Sutherland / Re: Help with Isabella Sutherland born McIntosh
« on: Sunday 12 June 22 20:46 BST (UK)  »
Thank you both for this information

I will contact the young lady with this and see what she comes up with

Its so difficult as she lives in New Zealand as I said

Thanks again Elizabeth

Sutherland / Help with Isabella Sutherland born McIntosh
« on: Sunday 12 June 22 11:28 BST (UK)  »
I have Isabella Sutherland's death certificate with no parents names on only Informant John McKenzie son in law she died 09/12/1862

Isabella B  McIntosh born 1791  I have no idea where she was born but died at Backie Parish of Golspie   Sutherland Scotland

She married  Robert Sutherland could be 07/10/1810 not sure
I have Robert born  1791- d 1841

I have a daughter Isabella Sutherland b1827-1898 married to John Mackenzie this I take it is the informant on the death certificate John McKenzie b 1822-1907 note the different spelling of McKenzie ( I'm used to this in my family )

I have all about Isabella and John Mackenzie given to me from a lady in New Zealand who thinks we are related I cannot find this so asking for help here after buying too many credits from S/P

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