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Gloucestershire / Re: Charles Williams
« on: Today at 13:58 »
Did find a tree on a......y showing a Charles William married to a Sarah Ann Grove, no DOB or any other details, but had a daughter called Annie born in Australia.

Anyway thanks for your help, did look at the Australia site but could not access it.


Gloucestershire / Re: Charles Williams
« on: Yesterday at 20:46 »
Wander if they moved to Australia, alot of the Williams did,  helina

Gloucestershire / Re: Charles Williams
« on: Yesterday at 20:35 »
Thanks, yes I have George's death.  Apart from the birth reg of the 2 children I do not seem to find the family on any of the census.


Gloucestershire / Re: Charles Williams
« on: Yesterday at 18:00 »
Thank you Colin,  I did not have Amelia's death. helina

Gloucestershire / Re: Charles Williams
« on: Yesterday at 06:18 »
On further research the Charles Williams who married Emma Parry in 1871 was born Pendock Worcestershire, found on a......y.


Gloucestershire / Re: Charles Williams
« on: Monday 21 January 19 15:22 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Colc,   Pleased to see you found a marriage for Charles, not sure about the death though but I now something to work on.


Gloucestershire / Charles Williams
« on: Sunday 20 January 19 11:47 GMT (UK)  »
What happened to Charles Williams after 1871?

Charles was born 1849 (c) Olveston Gloucestershire. Parents George and Amelia Williams.

On the 1871 census Charles is living with his mother Amelia

George b 1829
Henry b 1830
Mary Ann b 1832
Emma b 1833
James John b 1836
Joseph b 1839
Charles 1841-1843
Fanny b 1844
Eliza b 1846

Charles was the last named after his brother Charles b 1841

Any help would be appreciated

Fanny b 18

Gloucestershire / jane shepherd
« on: Tuesday 15 January 19 14:38 GMT (UK)  »
A large brick wall. Jane Mary Elizabeth Shepherd born 1827 Almondsbury. Parents George and sarah (maiden name Adams)Shepherd, Siblings Thomas Lovelace Shepherd born 1822.  Samuel Lovelace Shepherd born 1824, Hester Ann Shepherd born 1825, twins Ellen Adams Shepherd and John Adams Shepherd born 1830.

Jane baptised on the 1st July 1827 at Almondsbury, St Mary.  That is all the information I have on Jane so what happened to her after 1827?

Any information would be appreciated


The Common Room / Re: Wills
« on: Friday 11 January 19 12:21 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you, goldie

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