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Thank you Ashtone.  I will follow up with this lead.

mckha489... thank you so much for following up with the search.  Much appreciated.

Charles William Turner (b. 1875) and Sarah Macpherson had a son born 12 Apr 1906.  His name was also Charles William Turner.  I attached a copy of his birth certificate which the family obtained 19 years after he was born.  (The date the certificate was extracted was 26 May 1925). 

Interestingly, I haven't been able to find a record of the birth of this child in any South African ancestry sites that I have been able to access. 

I have been researching on and off for years, going through each Charles Turner born in 1875/1876 and tracing them forward to see if he might be the long lost ancestor.  But with 1000's to comb through, it's taking time.

I thought perhaps, Charles William Turner went to South Africa as a soldier during the Boer War as there is a listing of one.  My father-in-law is adamant he was not a soldier.  He felt that would be information that was passed down. 

I am wondering if he was working for a race track or a family that had race horses and he travelled where ever the horses went.  Perhaps he wasn't on a ship passenger list as there are different ones if you are travelling with cargo (horses).  But I don't know where to find that kind of information.

Again, thank you to anyone that is able to help.  I am much appreciative!

There is no mention of either parents on the marriage register.  I found it interesting that it was a special license.  I don't know what that means.

Hello, thank you so much for replying!  Here is their marriage registration.  The family had a copy AND I found it on one South African ancestry site.

South Africa / Re: Looking for ancestor working as a Jockey in South Africa 1904
« on: Thursday 06 June 24 15:22 BST (UK)  »
Charles William Turner with horse at a stables early 1900

South Africa / Re: Looking for ancestor working as a Jockey in South Africa 1904
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Charles William Turner taken by James Porter - 80, Alexandra Road, Manchester

South Africa / Looking for ancestor working as a Jockey in South Africa 1904
« on: Thursday 06 June 24 15:14 BST (UK)  »
Hello, I am hoping for some help.  My 93 year old father-in-law wants to know what happened to his grandfather.  The last he was heard from was in 1909 when he visited his estranged wife (my father-in-law's grandmother) on her family croft in Airsaig, Scotland.  His grandmother passed away shortly after from tuberculosis and any information on her husband was lost.

I have memberships with various ancestry websites but have not been successful in narrowing in on this ancestor as he has a very common name and no other information other than he was born in 1875 and was a jockey (information on his marriage registration).

The ancestor's name was Charles William Turner and assumed born somewhere in England in/around 1875.  Charles William Turner's wife was named Sarah Macpherson born in Airsaig in 1875.  We know all about the Macpherson family.  But nothing of the Turner family.

The two were married in South Africa in 1904.  I have a photo copy of the marriage certificate and also found a listing of the marriage registration on a South African ancestry site.  The marriage certificate lists the groom as a jockey and the bride as a cook. 

We don't know how they met, how they got to South Africa or when.  I could not find any ship passenger listing of either of them traveling to South Africa. However, I found a passenger list of a Mrs. Turner and child going from South Africa to Southampton in around the time that they had returned to the UK.  I found a passenger citation of a Chas W. Turner listed as a trainer, going from South Africa to Southampton in 1908, the year that he visited his estranged wife.

The two had a son who was born in South Africa in 1906.  (Their son also was Charles Turner and was my father-in-laws Dad).

I have two photo's of him.  Unfortunately, i can't attach them due to KB limitations.  But I will try to get them in additional posts.  The first photo is Charles William Turner taken in Manchester by James Porter - 80, Alexandra Road and the other is him with a horse standing next to stables. 

I am hoping that either somebody recognizes this person or they can direct me to how I could find him.  I have looked through census in 1881, 1891 and 1901 with his name, year of birth and any professions to do with horses.  In terms of the 1881 census, my thinking was that his own father may have had something to do with horses.  Also, contacted various Jockey associations in England and South Africa looking for listings of Jockeys but nobody responded to my inquires.  Going through sporting newspapers, I found a Charles Turner listed in an article on men that had their Jockey License.  That seemed plausible but that information did not lead me any where else and I already knew he was a jockey.

Again, any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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