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Scientists have been on UK TV issuing several warnings in the last week, one suggesting that vaccination alone can't be relied upon to produce low infection numbers.

"Data on all COVID-19 cases, hospitalisation and deaths by age and vaccination status are now published weekly in PHE's Vaccine Surveillance ... "

Latest is week 42
"Table 4. COVID-19 deaths (a) within 28 days and (b) within 60 days of positive specimen or with COVID-19 reported on death certificate, by vaccination status between week 38 and week 41 2021"
When I go shopping some are listening and taking simple worthwhile precautions, but others seem tired of it and not listening.

Oh Viktoria! You've made me smile, hanging your 'delicates' out  ;D  ;D  ;D

Fresh sheets and duvets on my bed and those removed all washed, dried, aired, folded and put away.

Been weekly food shopping for another week and yes Louisa my glasses were steaming up too, despite having the mask nose clamp pinched and fitting tight to the top and sides.

Caroline, did you get your oil, if I left it, the price would go higher and I'd be forced to pay it.

Yes, I noticed Roobarb had a Green coat now  :)

Round to Mrs P's for dinner and afternoons. My Daughter and my two Granchildren came to see us one afternoon, after checking they were cold free now. It was lovely to see them.

Been testing negative and a email arrived asking me if I will test twice weekly now. My new test kit is different, only nasal swabbing now.

Last year whilst recovering after being ill, I was left with an Upregulated immune response, etc.

We went out for a meal and a lady came over to speak and could hear she had had a bad cold and within an hour my immune response along with spots, rash and itching (inflammation response) had started (nothing like the awful inflammatory response last year and into this year). This time though, after 48 hours it had calmed, instead of running on continually and dangerously like before affecting my kidneys etc.

People with my underlying brain condition are at particular risk of flu etc., so I have turned down a November trip by train to see family in Scotland with this and the current situation.

I'm like our Queen and following my Doctor's advice. Better to miss out on the odd event, rather than risk my health further.

Been out with Mrs P and purchased a replacement printer scanner, as my old one (20 years old) which still prints high quality pics, but will not work with Windows 7 and more recent.

Extending my family tree sideways in the 19th Century, using four 20th Century Funeral Reports published in newspapers of the distant relatives who were attendees.

We go to shops, occasional meal, mowing the lawns and out walking in the air, because if I didn't my immune system won't be exposed to anything much at all.

Regarding Meeting Services they are still on Zoom, I miss the contact but when colds are about, Zoom is safer for me  :) Although the Winter of 2019 / 2020 virus (caught twice December / January) was likely caught in my village community and was a highly dangerous strain from a Commonwealth country.

I heard at the pub since when having a meal and a drink it was doing the rounds and the local NHS were extremely busy.

Thank you to all those in the NHS who work so hard!

Gas Engineer to do my boiler has been, pleasant chap and when he saw me greeting him outside with my mask, he put his mask on.

I hope you all keep well and improve. I'm sorry to hear of those unwell and send my best wishes.

Take care all, Mark

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 17th October
« on: Tuesday 12 October 21 23:42 BST (UK)  »
Roobarb I am sorry your taste and smell is not back to normal.

I have come across a few points of view in many Scientific Reports regarding loss of taste and/or smell. Some also mention a loss of dendrite has been observed in the neuron in the Olfactory system, but nothing definite yet it seems.

Getting the senses partly back on occasions, might suggest your body is slowly repairing itself.

I have seen Scientist reports saying that inflammation (whilst the immune system is fighting a virus) is supposed to be a clean-up, but in a few cases it can go too far.

I was quite surprised to read Reports that my low head temperature last year and this, could be an automatic reaction to enable an adequate supply of oxygen to reach my brain, whilst my body is recovering.

We did go on holiday last month for a week and enjoyed it.

In the last week we have been for several walks and a good walk is no problem for me physically including going up hill, but another week I don't feel as good and my health still seems to yo yo.

My Father getting towards 90 said to me recently, the NHS Family Doctor even came back with some medicine he had scrounged from a Hospital Ward when I was a boy :) , as Chemist prescriptions were not touching my illness and I began to perk up with that hospital medicine  :D , but that was over 50 years ago and the medicine now a mystery.

You are certainly not alone Roobarb.

Take care Mark

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 17th October
« on: Tuesday 12 October 21 17:08 BST (UK)  »
Roobarb, are you still getting touble with loss of smell or taste?

I've had a year of blood testing, brain and kidney scans to try and rule out things.

My Doctor has told me I've still got inflammation, which was and still seems to be responsible for causing some medical problems after influenza early last year.

Scientists have been saying that inflammation accompanies an immune response.

After a severe illness the body's immune system Regulation can change and mine began reacting against new medication to try and calm the inflammation, until my Doctors stopped me taking the medication.

A Doctor on the Radio yesterday said that those left with an Upregulation of the immune system were reacting against certain medication.

Recently I was feeling unsteady on my feet, having to touch walls and furniture to move about my house to get a glass of water and breakfast. It eased a bit later that day and lasted about a week. I did a Covid test which was negative.

It didn't feel like the room was moving or spinning and I now wonder if inflammation had caused this and another of its weird medical manifestations.

According to my GP last year, she claimed inflammation can affect the nerves in the body, when I asked her why I'd also had to force or manipulate my legs and an arm to work, during the severe inflammatory response in March last year.

I have been eating more anti-inflammatory foods (with natural sugars) and keeping my body well hydrated with water when thirsty day and night. I have cut out a couple of daily items to lower my sugar to the recommended daily intake. I occasionally like a pint of draught real Ale and because it is so occasional, I can't see that causing the inflammation.
Hyper-inflammation is a real nuisance.


The Common Room / Re: FamilySearch new format
« on: Monday 04 October 21 08:52 BST (UK)  »
The camera icon with a key above it means

Access the site at a family history center.
Access the site at a FamilySearch affiliate library.


This weekend I was logged on to FS, saw the camera icon and when clicking on it, it took me to their image viewer which was blank and displayed the above message.

I have both FindMyPast and Ancestry too, but couldn't seem to get these pre c.1800 images for Nocton, Lincolnshire, on these subscription sites?

The other problem with the new format, I couldn't also search and tick individual boxes to search exact spellings (as before) and end up with too many unnecessary returns.

I often don't want to make everything in my search form an exact spelling request.


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 3rd October
« on: Sunday 03 October 21 22:06 BST (UK)  »
Me too!
I think it may be because I hold my iPad in my left hand and if I inadvertently touch the top left hand corner of the screen with the pad of my left thumb it all disappears, canít retrieve it!

I hope everyone is well or continuing to improve  :)

Got L/H corner syndrome on my Tablet too  ;D

Been on holiday last week with Mrs Lady P to a former Landowner's Country House.

Our Hosts - Top Class
Breakfasts - Brilliant
Weather - Sunny and Warm
Room - Very nice!

Masks are still a requirement where we stayed, inside public places, shops and at Doctors etc.

A nice break :) and tested Negative since  :) .

Take care, Mark

Family Search Digital Folder Number 007587778 image 00138 stated as Bishop's Transcripts for St Mary's Church, Selby, 1746 - 1860 is the B.T. Marriage at Selby (no reference to Scarborough / Scarbro'). The film leader digitised online says Yorkshire Selby Parish Register Trans 1746 to 1860.

The 007587778 mentions Microfilm numbers 0991089 being Bishop's transcripts for St. Mary's Church, Selby, 1746-1860
"Christenings, 1793-1838; Marriages, 1793-1837; Burials, 1793-1837." (From Family Search online)


Microfilm number 0991090 Bishop's transcripts for St. Mary's Church, Selby, 1746-1860
"Christenings, 1838-1860; Burials, 1838-1860." (from Family Search online)

Film 991088 covers the period 1746 to 1792 (Bapts, Marriages & Burials)
The Anc... reference Film 1655799 is dated 19 May 1815.

This 1655799 according to Family Search (online) relates to Marriage Bonds from 1806 and is the Marriage Allegation & Bond dated 16th May 1815 (about two months before they married at Selby).


Thank you dobfarm

When looking at the Family Search site, it would appear that someone has changed at least three actual Selby Yorkshire, England (Hood surname) events, to Scarborough, on some of the search returns to those Selby events.

The image numbers on Family Search are about two away (in each case) to those in the Bishop's Transcripts F M P online images and belong to the Selby Yorkshire Registers & B.T's.


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 26th September
« on: Tuesday 21 September 21 16:44 BST (UK)  »
A hundred miles TY? Well I'd say that's quite a stretch.  :)

Candleflame, I think there's a difference between living life in fear and taking precautionary measures like wearing a mask if you choose to. The fact that I've had both jabs and have antibodies from catching Covid doesn't make me any less careful,
in fact it's made me more aware of the risks. I agree that everyone needs to do things at their own pace, don't feel obliged to do anything you're not comfortable with.

I'd agree with the above  :D

When venturing out, do what you are comfortable with and as safely as you can.

I have Global Cerebral Atrophy discovered on a scan 20 years ago and early 2020 went down with a nasty pre-covid influenza and had an Inflammatory Response, which caused inflammation, rash, kidney trouble, low temperature, temporary paralysis and other problems.

I'm improving and following Doctor's advice.

Covid is not the only serious virus or health problem.

When I went to an NHS hospital for a scan Summer last year I never saw anyone coughing or with Covid, despite ITU and Wards reported full of sufferers, as great efforts were made to keep Outpatients separate, so it was a shame to hear that some didn't turn up, whilst others wanted to be seen.

Been shopping (except with cold symptoms) every week throughout Covid. We went to Conwy yesterday and today we sat out on the decking at the golf club in lovely sunshine and enjoyed it very much.

My feeling is to venture out, with my mask and go to, or do what I feel happy with safely and where I can distance. I can get up, pay our bill and leave at any time.

I've read Scientific Reports and had differing Medical opinions given me by Doctors and then made my own mind up which Doctors offered the best opinion (the two who said the same).
Jeff, it would be real good to hear your band  ;D at an open air band stand  :D

Take care all, Mark

Every day of life is so precious  :)   :)

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