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Breconshire / Re: Llanfihangel Nant Bran, Pugh, Memorial Tablet
« on: Friday 27 June 14 12:52 BST (UK)  »
Pleased to hear that you are making progress - your post might also spark interest from someone connected to your family.
Good luck with future research,

   Thanks for your reply, I will let my friend know, but I'm not sure that she is still active with her research. If you are looking for more information yourself, please send a  more specific query & I will ask her.
Good luck in your research.

That would be great - thanks.

Hi Marian,
             Welcome to rootschat. Thank you for your interest, but I do have the 1901 census detail. As you become more familiar with the site, you will notice that the dates of postings are at the top of each message. Not that it means people are not still interested to hear of information even long after a posting. Good luck with your searches.

Hi Andrew,
                 Have sent you a personal mail with my e-mail address, look forward to sharing our info.


Hi Andrew,
                How nice to hear from you. In answer to your question as to how I am connected to your family, my husband's gt-gt-grandfather was a brother to George Frederick's father. I know it is a very distant connection, but the tree has been so interesting that we have kept going on & on. The result is that when I get a contact, it takes me quite some time to sort out what information I have!
    I have your parents names on my tree (information from the family gatherings of the 1950s) & I would love to share information, but I shall send you a personal mail, as it is too much information for this forum.


Hi CJ2002,
                Firstly, can I apologise if I did not reply to your posting of May 2011 - I certainly remember reading it & was grateful for the information.  Sometimes when I get several replies to various queries, I get a bit lost!
   From memory the address was from an entry for the exhibition of one of his paintings. Can you bear with me while I check it out, as I don't have much time to spare now, but will hopefully look at it tonight or tomorrow night.

Thank you JMnewbie for your reply. It is very kind of you to offer to help, but I actually took a few days holiday & visited the church myself a few years ago. It is very remiss of me not to have marked this query 'completed', but you might find yourself, if you start on this family tree lark, that you end up with so many queries on various sites, you don't know where you have left queries!!
    I hope you get enjoyment out of the site now that you have joined, I can assure you that not only does it restore your faith in human nature when people help you out, but also it is a great feeling to be able to help others when they have a query in your own parish.
    We visited 'The Shoe' & had a drink too, hope to get back down one day, but holidays are a  rare event here!

How interesting. When you mentioned James Goddington previously, I thought you meant the one born 1836, but from your last reply I can see that you are talking about a nephew of the same name. I shall send you a personal message later with my e-mail address so that we can discuss things further. I can already tell you that Joseph & Ann Maria Salt had a further 5 children that I know of & I might be able to put you in contact with a couple of their descendants.
   I am in Wales, I spent a day researching in Birmingham, but my interest was really the Alsops who married into the Ledsams, so I didn't do the Ledsams justice when I was there When I retire, I hope to spend at least a week there, but at 51, I have a way to go!!, I can take you back to Thomas born 1740, but being an educated man, George Moreton possibly documented that for his descendants.

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