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Dorset / Re: Joseph Sagittary Strange
« on: Tuesday 22 January 08 09:25 GMT (UK)  »
Hi and welcome to rootschat!

Are you in touch with Mike Strange from Biggleswade, I came upon his site when googling the Sagittary name, he may be able to help if you haven't been in touch before.

Also "Sagittary" seems to mean Centaur/Saggitarius (Wikipedia, online dictionaries) :-\

Thanks for that.  Yes, I have been in touch with Mike Strange, and have made contact with a second or third?) cousin through his web site.


Dorset / Joseph Sagittary Strange
« on: Tuesday 22 January 08 08:59 GMT (UK)  »

I have been collating my part of the Strange family tree for some time, and I am trying to find out if there is any significance to my great-great-great grandfather's middle name - it may have been spelled as above, or possibly 'Sagittrey' or 'Sagittery'.

This branch of the family lived in Hazelbury Bryan (but originated from Stoke Wake), and Joseph S. was born there (I believe at Droop Farm) in 1828.

Joseph S. also had a younger brother whose middle name was Solomon, but I can't determine whether these were typically Biblical names or whether they had a deeper meaning.  Certainly their father (also Joseph) was a church warden and yeoman, so that may have a bearing.

I gather that there were several Sagittarys who were deacons for Dorset in the 18th century, so also wonder whether this might be relevant.

I'd appreciate any pointers (or even facts!) that the other members can offer.

Alan Charlton

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