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Shropshire Lookup Requests / Re: KEEGAN, West Felton, Grimpo, Rednal, Woodhouse
« on: Saturday 29 October 11 10:08 BST (UK)  »
Thanks, both of you, for your help. Looks like I may need to do a 350 mile round trip to West Felton churchyard!

Shropshire Lookup Requests / KEEGAN, West Felton, Grimpo, Rednal, Woodhouse
« on: Friday 28 October 11 23:26 BST (UK)  »
I am seeking information about my great aunt Eliza Keegan (nee Jennings)(b1886 Stapleford, Cambs) who married Richard Keegan (b1870 Oswestry, Shropshire).
They lived at 10 Grimpo, West Felton during the 1930s and 1940s. Eliza worked at Woodhouse, Rednal for many years and was later a cook at Oswestry Hospital.
Are Richard and Eliza buried at West Felton (I believe monumental inscriptions have been recorded there by SFHS)? Or elsewhere?
Any information gratefully received

Norfolk Lookup Requests / Re: Greefs and Latewards of West Norfolk
« on: Tuesday 02 December 08 17:03 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Greefie
Can you name any Greef ancestors around 1800?
Most Greefs seem to come from Norfolk originally.
Even now, a garage in Swaffham is called Trevor Greef Ltd. I wonder if he's a relative of yours or mine.

Norfolk Lookup Requests / Re: Overtons of West Norfolk
« on: Thursday 27 November 08 21:59 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Emoh Twees Emoh!
Thanks for your help. I re-checked, and strangely my 6gt grandfather was actually Robert Overton bc1710 not John Overton. So Robert Overton married at Middleton born at Tittleshall might be a possibility, but I believe my 6gt grandmother was Susanne and not Elizabeth. "Robert and Susanne Overton" are the parents cited in the parish register of Southacre for my 5gt grandfather John's baptism there in 1738.
Thanks again for your assistance.

Leicestershire Lookup Requests / Re: WARD/PARKER/COLLEDGE in LEICESTER
« on: Sunday 05 October 08 17:48 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Pauline
I've found Elizabeth COLLEDGE spr 1872 and Elizabeth PARKER wint 1874/5.
This would make Elizabeth Colledge the prime candidate, as the wife of my great uncle William H Ward was 28 at the 1901 census.

However, also in the 1901 census is a William H Ward (32, b Leicester) with wife Eliza (31 b L.... Leicestershire) living in Derby, who seems the best candidate for the "other" William H Ward.

Of course, this might be someone else entirely. It's even conceivable that my William H Ward actually married BOTH Elizabeth COLLEDGE and Elizabeth PARKER!

Of course, ordering both marriage certificates is the answer, but I'm trying to avoid upsetting my credit crunch conscious wife!


Leicestershire Lookup Requests / WARD/PARKER/COLLEDGE in LEICESTER
« on: Saturday 04 October 08 19:09 BST (UK)  »
Hello all
My great uncle William H WARD, a baker from Whittlesford, Cambs lived in Leicester from around 1894-1908. His wife Elizabeth was born in Leicester c1873.  Her surname was possibly PARKER (married winter 1894/5) or COLLEDGE (married summer 1897). Both these women married a William H Ward in the LEICESTER district.
Does anyone have any details about either of these marriages?
My William and Elizabeth had a son called Frederick Ward bc1899 in Great Wigston and a younger daughter called Laura Ward.
Many thanks

Hertfordshire / ANDERSON/ANDREWS of Therfield
« on: Saturday 04 October 08 18:58 BST (UK)  »
Hello all

My 3gt grandmother Mary ANDERSON married Henry REYNOLDS in Therfield on 18 Aug 1804.

It's not been easy ascertaining which Mary Anderson it was, although I think the most likely is Mary ANDERSON bap 20 Mar 1785, daughter of John Anderson and Mary Free. This is likely to remain an open question.

However, are all the Mary Andersons somehow related so regardless of which one it is, I can pick up an earlier line?
I've heard that earlier on the family were known as ANDREWS.
Any help appreciated.

Best wishes

Norfolk Lookup Requests / Re: Greefs and Latewards of West Norfolk
« on: Saturday 27 September 08 21:17 BST (UK)  »
Well spotted!
Thanks Shirl

Cambridgeshire / Re: WARD's Bakery at Whittlesford
« on: Friday 26 September 08 21:27 BST (UK)  »
I didn't know about this excellent website.
Thanks Sarah!

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