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The Common Room / Re: Deliberately damaged photos
« on: Thursday 13 May 21 14:20 BST (UK)  »
My grandmother removed herself from every family photograph at one time.  Just as well, other members of the family had copies!!


The Common Room / Re: Accessing medical records
« on: Thursday 13 May 21 14:17 BST (UK)  »
My Mother died some 12 years ago, and as we were concerned about something, we applied for medical records. We had to prove our relationship to the deceased, and paid a fee for the search.

Just wondering if the OP's friend is considered a close enough relative, as if there are still survivors in a closer relationship they may object to the information being released. (Bearing in mind, the friend's family will not talk about the situation?)

We got a  photocopy of every document in Mums nhs file! Including some that had obviously been misfiled over the years and were nothing to do with Mum.

The Common Room / Re: Ancestor buried in Barnet cemetary
« on: Friday 30 April 21 18:34 BST (UK)  »
There appear to be a number of cemeteries in north London that now come under the control of Borough of Barnet.

Do you have any further information?  I know that area of London (a bit)

The Common Room / Re: Library remote access to Ancestry - not much longer
« on: Thursday 29 April 21 10:30 BST (UK)  »
Sadly, mine has finished.

I have emailed the library to express my disappointment.  I can't see me getting to the library any time soon.

Sections of the library are used by the university students, but there seems to be a group of local young people using the computers in the library just for games etc. I am afraid it annoys me intensely to see that.


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Vaccination priority groups
« on: Tuesday 27 April 21 10:12 BST (UK)  »
Had my second Pfizer on Sunday.  11 weeks since the first one.

Everyone I know, who is due for the second, has either had it, or has an appointment, so things are working well.

This time my doctor's surgery had an automated system. I got a text with a link and made the appointment from that. 5 minutes!!  For the first one, I got a text with a phone number.  It took 5 hours to make that appointment. 


The Common Room / Re: ~Rachel~ Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Saturday 10 April 21 19:05 BST (UK)  »
Looks as if the OP has not been on the board for some time.


Armed Forces / Re: Enoch Farr d 1851 India
« on: Monday 29 March 21 18:35 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for your help. I really appreciate the information you have posted for me to use.


Armed Forces / Re: Enoch Farr d 1851 India
« on: Monday 29 March 21 09:27 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the information.  I don't see any battle honours for the year in question, so am thinking that he did succumb to one of the many illnesses that plagued them in those parts at the time.

I have not researched much in the military - do I assume that birth, marriages and deaths in forces overseas are not recorded on the usual registers?


Armed Forces / Enoch Farr d 1851 India
« on: Saturday 27 March 21 13:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi. I am new to this section, so hope I am in the right place.

Some days ago, I posted on the Common Room relating to Sarah Haines, who married Enoch Farr in 1847.

In 1853 she married John Owen Hughes and described herself as a widow. I have been unable to find a death record in this country for Enoch , but a burial record was brought to my attention - 6 August 1851, Meerut, India. (1st European Bengal Fusiliers)

I have searched (as best I know) for information on this regiment in 1851, but nothing for the year in question. Just wondering if any military experts can suggest where I can find more information. it may be that Enoch died of cholera and not in action (Having seen the graveyard in Lucknow I know how devastating cholera was).

On some records, the name Enoch is spelt Enock.

Any help, much appreciated.



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