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I have just searched
Using surname Boag and Mother surname Henderson from 1953 and found children
Don't put in any other information

The Common Room / Re: lost marriage and divorce
« on: Yesterday at 18:22 »
Divorce 1937
Divorce Court File: 5710.
Appellant: Marjorie Lois Wheeler.
Respondent: Augustus Henry Liddell Wheeler.
Type: Wife's petition for divorce [wd].

Sussex / Re: Emma Williams
« on: Yesterday at 18:05 »
Have you tried looking for possible children on the GRO index using mmn Williams

Can't find them after marriage but there is a possible child born later in 1866 Portsea

a son George William

Clara was performing in 'Youth' in Edinburgh in May 1884

The marriage certificate does not say whose 'private house' they married in.  Could it have been the grooms.

Durham / Re: Looking for a marriage..
« on: Yesterday at 13:21 »
Young George was still alive in 1881

Thomas   Liddle   24   bn Durham
Hannah   24   bn Carlton, Yorkshire
Jessie   1   bn Ludworth, Durham
George   4   bn Castle Eden, Durham
Mary   Ridsdale   Mother In Law   46   bn Carlton, Yorkshire

Both Mary Jane and George had died prior to 1881,

Durham / Re: Looking for a marriage..
« on: Yesterday at 13:09 »
Possibility if Hannah was married before

Marriages Jun qtr 1873 
Ainley    Hannah Elizabeth       
LEEDAL    Thomas       
Wakefield    9c   102

Electoral registers were not generally produced during WW1.

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