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Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: Thomas Clare b.1854
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The baptism for John Thomas Clare Clark does not name a father

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: Thomas Clare b.1854
« on: Today at 14:09 »
We have discounted the Thomas in Runcorn as we now have him on all relevant census

Sorry but the image is too large for me to view properly.  Any comments in the margin would generally relate to the other marks on the certificate

Rutland / Re: A Tilley Conundrum from the 1890s
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Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: Thomas Clare b.1854
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There are children but the family are missing in 1891 and Mary J dies in 1893 and Thomas is back with his family in later censuses.  He dies in 1919, Runcorn.

1891 -RG12/2832 Folio 89 Page 14

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: Thomas Clare b.1854
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The marriage certificate image is on F M P

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: Thomas Clare b.1854
« on: Today at 12:19 »
When he married Margaret Armstrong he was a Widower age 35 occ Seaman -father Thomas Clare decd (occ Seaman)

This baptism matches with father John on marriage

Henry Fry
Birth 15 Mar 1826
Residence   Holland Street
Baptism place   Barnstaple, St Peter
Mother Mary
Father John
Father's occupation   Malster

This is a transcript so source would need checking to confirm that is a birth date as no baptism date mentioned

Essex / Re: Who was Cissie's mysterious husband?
« on: Today at 11:33 »
Thank you so much for all that - I was just starting to put together a time line, but it was taking me so long.
Didn't George / Walter die in 1974 not 1976?

On Cissie's probate it gave an address in Welwyn GC, which is Hatfield Registration district, so I'm wondering whether their marriage did break down after all. Her probate says admin with will, so presumably there was something which made the will invalid or executor had died. Maybe George / Walter was a beneficiary and / or executor and she hadn't updated her will after he pre-deceased her.

The will is available from the probate office for 1.50, they arrive electronically normally within a few days

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