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Flintshire / John & Mary Price
« on: Sunday 20 May 07 09:13 BST (UK)  »
 ??? ::)I am doing my Family Tree and have got back to John
Born 1704 In Bronington, Flint and his wife Mary? born 1708
In  Bronington Flint.

Any help in getting more Info about both families and any help to get further back would be great.
Thanks to all who may be able to help.

Radnorshire / Re: Price Family Knighton
« on: Sunday 31 December 06 06:32 GMT (UK)  »
:D :D :D Darcey
 Thanks for all the help you have given me.
Will now start looking at shipping records.
 Have a good NEW YEAR.
 Cheers GP35. ::) ::) ::)

Radnorshire / Re: Price Family Knighton
« on: Saturday 30 December 06 22:51 GMT (UK)  »
Looking through what info I have at home the Following may help
You are Benjamin & Mary are the right ones John Oliver was 7 years old in the 1881 census.
I don't know when he arrived in New Zealand, but He married : Florence May Goulds in St Marks Church Rakaia
on the 1/ 7/1912. John was in his late 30s Florence was 18.
John died June 3rd 1955.
I believe he may have worked in OZ before he came to NZ.
 ;D ;D Cheers GP35

Radnorshire / Re: Price Family Knighton
« on: Saturday 30 December 06 04:16 GMT (UK)  »
::) Darcy.
There is a lot to Digest .
Could you follow John Oliver, would like to find out when he left Knighton Mum told me that there could have been some
skeletons in the cupboard.
Great work

Radnorshire / Re: Price Family Knighton
« on: Saturday 30 December 06 02:09 GMT (UK)  »
:D Darcy. Many thanks for this info it has taken me back further than I was able to get before I joined this group,
this is just what I needed to get me motivated again.
I'm always looking for more Info

Radnorshire / Price Family Knighton
« on: Saturday 30 December 06 00:35 GMT (UK)  »
8) Great Grandfather farmed Garth  Farm in the 1881 Census.he was born around 1840 in St Harmon.
 My Grandfather John Oliver was 7. in the 1881 Census.
Any information on this on this Family would be welcome
John Oliver Died in New Zealand in the 1950s
Many thanks.

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