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Stirlingshire / Re: st. ninians churchyard help
« on: Thursday 08 October 20 18:50 BST (UK)  »
Hello Anne and everyone,

Could you please check someone for me in the old cemetery? ...

Agnes DOUGLAS (born c1805)

In the 1851 census she's in North End, Cambusbarron, St Ninians, Stirling

I can't locate her before or after that.

Thank you very much for any help.


Hi John,
Sorry to tell you that Anne (apanderson) passed away at the beginning of 2019.


Dunbartonshire / Re: Dunbartonshire MI pre 1855
« on: Monday 03 February 20 20:51 GMT (UK)  »
I'm sorry to say that Anne passed away last April.
I no longer have a copy of the MIs for the area.

Lanarkshire / Re: Forrest - Carluke
« on: Monday 01 April 19 00:26 BST (UK)  »
Yep.  Thanks Annie.  Realised that.  Have now shared the original documents with 4043 on the Forrest FB group.  As I say, unfortunately don't have the time to transcribe them. 



Lanarkshire / Re: Forrest - Carluke
« on: Sunday 31 March 19 23:39 BST (UK)  »
Due to Rootschats regulations about copyright, I can't post the records on here

I'm sure people interested would be happy with the info. transcribed too for others to read who may also be connected & unknown as yet?


I'm sure they are.  Wish I had time to type up a full transcript for all the documents I have.  Alas, as I have thousands of BMD's relating to Forrests I've purchased from SP over the years, it's not feasible.  Have always been happy to share the specific downloads with other Forrest researchers descended from those specific lines.  SP allows us to share provided not for commercial purposes but unfortunately RC doesn't allow it on these forums.  Anyone with known Forrest ancestry in Scotland is welcome to join the Forrest FB group.  There, I can freely post the downloads. 


Lanarkshire / Re: Forrest - Carluke
« on: Sunday 31 March 19 18:53 BST (UK)  »
Robert Forrest married Margaret Kerr in 1840, Mary Hamilton in 1881, and died 1905.  The death record from 1905 confirms both spouses and his parents names.  I have a copy of both marriage records and the death record.  Details of the 7 children to Robert and Margaret were obtained from a combination of records from Scotlands People, Family search and the census records.  Margaret Kerr died 1879 in Lesmahagow.  Due to Rootschats regulations about copyright, I can't post the records on here, but if I've not already done it, I'm happy to share them privately or through my FB group.


Lanarkshire / Re: Forrest - Carluke
« on: Sunday 31 March 19 18:44 BST (UK)  »
Deleted previous reply as I typed incorrect info as I was rushing.  Will repost shortly. 

Lanarkshire / Re: Forrest - Carluke
« on: Saturday 30 March 19 03:51 GMT (UK)  »
Robert Forrest & Margaret Kerr where the parents of my ggrandfather Alexander. His son George was my grandfather who emigrated to Canada.  Another George his brother born 1849, Robert born 1857 John born 1858 also a sister Margaret Ann 1861.  My information comes from searching through Scotslandpeople, Wikitree, My heritage etc. numerous websites so birthdates may not be exact, but for sure Alexander and his wife Agnes Watson are correct.  If you have more information on this family I would appreciate hearing from you......A Carter

I refer back to my previous comments.  Not my family as far back as I've traced, but they descend from Alexander Forrest and Elizabeth Whitelaw.  Lauren Bailey who has posted on this thread, is researching the same line (I think her husbands line), and also someone I have spoken with called Sheena Vdvoort, and a chap called Richard Laslett. 

You might all have spoken previously, but I'm trying to connect as many folk researching Forrest as possible, whether related to me or not. 

I run a small group on Facebook which any resaerchers of Forrest are welcome to join.  Might help you (us) connect.

Dave Forrest

Lanarkshire / Re: Forrest - Carluke
« on: Tuesday 19 March 19 20:32 GMT (UK)  »
I have a Robert Forrest and a Margaret Kerr in the 1800's.

Is it right that they had a child called Eliza/Elizabeth Forrest?

She only died young - 1846 to 1858(?)

I am wondering how she died! I didn't know if any family may know..

Thanks :-).

She was born Elisabeth Forrest in Biggar on 5 Sept 1845 but the birth wasn't recorded on the OPR until 12 May 1847, so presumably that may have been at the time of her baptism.    Robert was recorded as a servant at Lindsaylands at that time. 
She's recorded as Eliza with her parents in 1851 census at Carstairs.
I've never found her death record.
Without her death record, there is little chance of finding a cause of death.
Robert and Margaret married 4 Dec 1840 and I have records of 7 children, Elisabeth/Eliza being the 3rd.
Robert later married Mary Hamilton in 1881 in Lesmahagow and died 8 Sep 1905, also in Lesmahagow.  The death record confirms both spouses.
Robert is descended from Alexander Forrest and Elizabeth Whitelaw. 
I have no other info on Elisabeth/Eliza.


Nice to meet you Kusawa.
Mount Florida in Glasgow where Elphinstone Forrest Struthers Mather was born is only a 10 minute walk from where I live. 
The name Elphinstone as a forename has been passed down through many lines from Elphinstone that was born in 1798.
In fact my Dad's closest brother was called Elphinstone Forrest.
I've got a great deal of information on the Forrest family, many of them still living in Scotland, but I also have contacts all over the world.
If you are interested, I'll happily send you an invite to my tree on Ancestry.  Just let me know your email address.
I only knew Elphinstone Richmond Mather was born about 1917 and have never researched his subsequent life.
The attached photo is of a memorial in Clincarthill Parish Church in Mount Florida.  You'll see that there is a mention of an Elphinstone Forrest on there.  Very appropriate to share this today of all days.
I'm aware Elphinstone Mather died in France in WW1 too.
Lest We Forget.

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