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Dumfriesshire / Re: Cleughbrae , mouswald
« on: Yesterday at 23:45 »
Never read through this thread before...interesting.


My evil h-sister is the great granddaughter William/Jane Hanna and yes Jane Hanna died in Manitoba 13 Mar 1919 and is buried in Miniota where her son Thomas first settled.  It is also on the family stone in Terregles.

Thomas Kerr was an apprentice up in Dysart, Fife and his was mother came with him.  His employer was David Raitt Robertson who owned a machining business.  His daughter Isabella and Thomas held hands.  Thomas and his mother left for Manitoba, Isabella followed and they married 01 Jun 1911 in Winnipeg.  Thomas/Isabella died in Spear's SK where he had a hardware business. 
Isabella died in 1930 and Thomas in 1944.

They had three children; David Raitt Kerr 1912-1945 (2 weeks before my sister arrived he is buried in Hamilton, ON). Margaret 1913-2011 (Shellbrook, SK) and Katherine Isabella 1915-1991 (South Concordia Union, SK). Family still reside in Saskatchewan and Alberta although only five or six still standing. 

So yes, Stoop and my sister are 2nd or 3rd cousins.


Dumfriesshire / Re: Terregles Cemetry Look up
« on: Yesterday at 16:28 »
Sorry Gadget, I thought you were talking about the old the old ones not the new ones.

I will ask the wife for 12 lashes on your behalf if there is room.


Your sources are a bit skewed although I do like Catherine’s stone.

The easy one is Duke of Argyll - at this moment in time it was the 4th Duke (General John Campbell) who succeeded as the 4th Duke in 1761 when the 3rd died. 

Red Major Campbell was Donald Campbell from Islay, he was not of the Duke’s line other than he was a Campbell.  He and many others from Islay emigrated to the Carolinas.  A Loyalist, he joined the Brit’s was captured and released and moved to Nova Scotia.  Joined again for the war of 1812.  He wore a very red military coat became as major and his bright red coat is on display at the Niagara Historical Society and Museum.

But since you are talking about the Colonies you need to look at Captain Lord William Campbell (the 4th Duke’s son), who was the Governor of SC born 1730 and died 1778.  He fled the Colonies in 1775.

I think Catherine is a Niece of Lord William. His wife was born in SC her name was Sarah Izard perhaps Catherine is a daughter of his wife's sister or brothers.  Adoption didn't exist as such in Scotland until 1930 so she would have been simply shown as a Niece. 

"On Sunday last the Right Hon. Lord William Campbell, fourth son to his present Grace the Duke of Argyle, and commander of his majesty's ship the Nightingale, was married to Miss Sarah Izard, daughter of the late Ralph Izard, Esq., a young lady esteemed one of the most considerable fortunes in the province. (Saturday, April 23, 1763.) - South Carolina Gazette."

Professor William Williamson – Google is great and I see where you got his information.

“William Williamson, a former slaveholder born in North Carolina ... in Salisbury, North Carolina, was a chemistry professor at the University ... August 1, 1749”

However this being a clip from an Article “In its Midst” which covers the 100 hundred southern-born anti slave activists.  You need to acquire the entire article to see what it says.

And if this is indeed her husband I can understand why they would want to send him to Jamaica.  There were nearly 400,000 slaves in North Carolina then.

There is no marriage and no birth/baptisms of the children recorded. Williamson’s activities might be the reason why and I suggest the North Carolina Genealogical Society be your next stop.  They will have the actual records if they survived.


Dumfriesshire / Re: Terregles Cemetry Look up
« on: Yesterday at 11:57 »

There is but 5 or 6 Heal in the Canadian 1901 and 1911 Census.

I think you need to focus on the U.S. after all he was a citizen.  He may have boarded in NY or Boston which then sailed to Halifax, more likely boarded there and then departed for the UK. 


Aberdeenshire / Re: St Peters Cemetery - general burials query
« on: Monday 10 May 21 14:28 BST (UK)  »
Lairs can be resold but there are rules and it has to be blessed by Council in order for the transfer to be legal.  Do all council's have this ruling I can not say, or when was this introduced.


The Lighter Side / Re: World's biggest family tree?
« on: Monday 10 May 21 14:09 BST (UK)  »
Shortly after Ancestry went live there was a retired U.S. Colonel with close too 200,00 names.  He died a notice was posted to his "tree" and a couple of years later the tree disappeared.  He was my introduction to a name collector.


Canada / Re: WHANNELL/Fort Saskatchewan
« on: Saturday 08 May 21 17:40 BST (UK)  »
I would think the Prince Albert Herald would have covered his death.


I would imagine Symington given he died at the Manse as his wife died their 08 May 1840.  If no one has the MI's, you can contact the below perhaps they can confirm his place of burial and perhaps send you a photo.  [email protected]


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